Free Fire 1.104.1 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Auto Head Shot, Antena, INVISIBLE, Wall, ANTI]
Free Fire 1.104.1 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Auto Head Shot, Antena, INVISIBLE, Wall, ANTI]

Free Fire 1.104.1 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Auto Head Shot, Antena, INVISIBLE, Wall, ANTI]

By The Toan - (Period 2 weeks ago)

Garena Free Fire MOD is considered a premium version of Free Fire. Because this game is upgraded both in terms of content system and graphic design. But the basics remain the same, and here you will find exciting online survival battles. This game allows you to connect with up to 49 other players in the battle royale arena. Besides, you can co-op with up to 3 players in team mode. What was more amazing? Large-scale survival parties are waiting for you to explore. Your goal is not only a victory but also a ranking on the global leaderboard. Make an effort for your position.

Garena Free Fire MAX MOD APK – The hit battle royale game

Perhaps you are no stranger to Free Fire mod because this game has attracted hundreds of millions of players around the globe. Although it was released more than a year ago, it still holds great appeal to this day. Here you will find the ultimate battle royale battles with friends and online players from around the world. The combat environment is a large open world and has high sharpness. This is also the place where you will show your skills in shooting, ambush, sniper, survival, and many other tactics. There are no limits at all, you can play your way.


Various modes

This game currently has 9 different modes, among which are modes like Unranked, Ranked, Clash Squad, Battle Royale, Bomb Squad, and more. Each mode has its own rules and rewards. In particular, the battle royale mode is the most popular. Here, you can play alone or co-op with friends. A battle royale will have up to 50 participants. Your goal is to destroy others to become the last survivor.

Besides, other team modes are equally attractive. Usually, 2 teams participate in a war for a certain goal. You can also choose to play unranked if you are new. If you participate in ranked mode, your achievements will affect your ranking. There are many players participating in the online leaderboard. Compete with them to prove your level. Many attractive promotion rewards will make you unable to ignore them.


Addictive survival gameplay

The rules of this game are probably too familiar to many players. You will start by choosing a mode, adding friends, entering the lobby, and preparing for the exciting battle ahead. The time for each match is usually 10 minutes, suitable to play at any time. In the match, your mission is against others for the sake of survival, gaining territory, or completing a certain mission depending on the mode. To do this in Free Fire MOD APK, you need not only to master skills but also to have a wise strategy. Moreover, coordination with friends is indispensable.

Skill operations are arranged intuitively on the screen with virtual buttons. Accordingly, you can move the character freely with the joystick, aim, shoot, change ammunition, sit, and lie down,… The game also provides a small map for you to observe the battlefield terrain. On the map, weapons, accessories, costumes, and vehicles will be scattered randomly. If you want to hunt for high-end stuff, you should look to the large and modern areas. Of course, you have to compete with many other players to get resources.


Diverse weapons and equipment

There is no need to argue too much about the item system of this game. Because it owns a huge collection of weapons, armor, backpacks, equipment, accessories, costumes, vehicles, and more. Regarding weapons, you can find pistols, machine guns, rifles, sniper rifles… Each gun type will have dozens of different types of ammunition. You can also find a variety of gun attachments such as scopes, barrels, extra magazines, and more. The types of vehicles are equally diverse. In particular, the game also has a very funny pet collection.


3D graphics with premium quality

Besides the aforementioned highlights, this game will impress you with high-end graphics quality. Accordingly, it is built with 3D graphics with Ultra HD resolution. As a result, it delivers a large open map with high sharpness and detail. In addition, images of characters, weapons, and vehicles… are equally true. Moreover, the effects and sounds are also well done, highlighting the gunfights on the battlefield. All in all, everything is pretty cool and promises to make you satisfied.

What are FFH4X Injector and FFH4X Regedit?

These are two mod versions integrated into the FFH4X tool with many MOD MENU features for you to use. Everything is available, you just need to install this application, grant permissions and open free fire through this application to experience the MOD.

Free Fire MOD Menu has a bunch of new features through updates. So spend your free time on this game to explore everything. A series of outstanding events are waiting for you to discover with your friends. New modes and important weapon updates are also worth checking out. So are you ready? If you don’t have this game yet, hurry up and download it to your phone right now.

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Name ID Free Fire
Updated On 07/06/2024
Requires Android 4.1
Publisher Garena International I
Size 516MB
New version 1.104.1
MOD Info Menu, Auto Head Shot, Antena, INVISIBLE, Wall, ANTI
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Update 07/06/2024 (2 weeks ago )