Grand Survival: Raft Adventure 2.8.5 APK MOD [Free Shopping]
Grand Survival: Raft Adventure 2.8.5 APK MOD [Free Shopping]

Grand Survival: Raft Adventure 2.8.5 APK MOD [Free Shopping]

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Explore the vast ocean in Grand Survival: Raft Adventure survival adventure. Accordingly, you will have to perform a lot of different tasks. On a wooden raft used to drift across the seas. You will have to proceed with construction and development, in order to create a sturdy raft. From there move through the islands and search for valuable resources. Besides, you also have to fight many dangerous enemies. They can put themselves in danger, even losing their life if they cannot be destroyed. As the adventure takes place on the ocean, there will be opportunities to discover many mysteries. As well as learn about the many interesting things on each island that will pass. Moreover, there is a lot of work to be done in order to survive.

Grand Survival: Raft Adventure MOD APK – Ocean Survival Adventure To Uncover Mysteries

Start your adventure in the ocean with a wooden raft assembled by planks. You need to do many different jobs in order to survive. Collect resources to build a stronger raft. As well as making equipment and items to be used for different purposes. Through finding them on the islands. At the same time need to find food and water to maintain health. As well as restore the lost health after battles with dangerous enemies. In addition, you need to strengthen your own abilities. Through equipping weapons to improve combat power in skirmishes with enemies.Grand Survival- Raft Adventure MOD

Islands with variable weather conditions

After a while performing different jobs and tasks. Prepare all the essentials and things needed on the raft. It is possible to proceed to sea to explore islands in the vast ocean. That process will have the opportunity to many different islands. In each place, the environment and landscape are not the same. At the same time, it is also necessary to pay attention to weather conditions. Because they can affect the journey, as well as cause effects on the character. For example, in stormy weather conditions, driving a raft on the ocean will face many dangers. On the contrary, the fresh weather will be very suitable to explore new seas.Game Grand Survival- Raft Adventure MOD

Various equipment on the wooden raft

On the wooden raft used by you in the game Grand Survival: Raft Adventure. Through the materials and resources collected on the islands. It is possible to manufacture many different devices. Examples include desks, braziers, blacksmiths, rain shelters, chainsaws, seats, and fishing rod locations. There are many other equipment to be discovered, depending on your choice to proceed with crafting. Accordingly, each will bring a unique ability and be used in different activities. For example, the forge is a place to make weapons and equipment. The workbench is used to track the map to know the location and the sea. Or the location of the fishing rod will give you a better chance of catching fish.Tai Grand Survival- Raft Adventure MOD

Use offensive weapons

To be able to survive in ocean exploration adventure. It is necessary to use weapons to protect yourself in dangerous situations. Or can take advantage of their ability to actively attack the enemy. Examples include Japanese swords, harpoons, knives and even rifles. Each weapon is uniquely designed and has its own style of use. Their ability is assessed by the damage done to the enemy. For example swords and knives are used for melee attacks. Or rifles with the ability to attack from a distance thanks to firing. From there, it will be easy to destroy enemies before they approach. Besides weapons, you can also equip many other items. In order to improve the defense ability, as well as change the appearance.Download Grand Survival- Raft Adventure MOD

The adventure that takes place in the game Grand Survival: Raft Adventure will encounter many different challenges. In the islands of the ocean, there will be different dangers. For example on a small island with a lush green forest. Will have to fend off attacks from scary beasts and zombies. Or the process of drifting on the raft will be surrounded by aggressive sharks. There are many other dangers to be discovered after arriving on the new islands. In addition, you have to fight bosses in some locations. With an ability far superior to the usual enemies encountered. Putting you in danger and even losing your life if you can’t kill the boss.

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Name ID Grand Survival: Raft Adventure
Updated On 07/06/2024
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Becube Co Ltd
Size 164MB
New version 2.8.5
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