Guild of Heroes 1.164.3 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money, free shoping, high damage, god mode, anti ban]
Guild of Heroes 1.164.3 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money, free shoping, high damage, god mode, anti ban]

Guild of Heroes 1.164.3 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money, free shoping, high damage, god mode, anti ban]

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Get ready for an action-adventure in Guild of Heroes. Through the context that takes place in a dungeon. Unleash the medieval city and dark dungeon. The same domination by monsters, demons, and many enemies in it. As a hero who is given a quest to discover. You will have to go deep into the dungeon to learn about the mystery. Through it will be stopped by dangerous enemies. Face the terrifying difficulties that lie ahead. There is no better choice after starting the journey. Only by destroying the enemy can you keep your life to continue the adventure. This game will give you dramatic fighting moments. Along with the fierceness shown in the battles. With graphics designed in a vivid fantasy style.

Description about Guild of Heroes MOD APK – Dungeon Adventure To Uncover Mysteries

Role-play as a hero to enter the adventure in Guild of Heroes. Recreate locations in an expansive style. With free-to-play combat, combining RPG adventure. You can attack the enemy in your own way. As well as unlimited movement to explore many areas. Accordingly will have to perform different tasks. Those were the challenges that needed to be completed in order to go deeper into the dungeon world. Through that will collect many valuable loot and resources. They are scattered after destroying the enemy in the harsh survival. Also, get experience points to accumulate. After meeting the conditions will go to a new level to continue developing my abilities. Increase your fighting power with stronger enemies.Tai Guild of Heroes

Fighting skills

The process of the journey in the game Guild of Heroes. Heroes can use a variety of attack skills. But need to unlock each level. In the early stages with equipped weapons, the same normal attack moves. Can deal a certain amount of damage when attacking an enemy. But over time and experience points are accumulated to reach new levels. Gradually unlock more powerful skills to use. Combining weapons will create high-damage attacks. Easily kill enemies and wipe out all areas. It is then possible to go deeper into the dungeon to face even more difficult challenges. Overcome obstacles to get more valuable loot. Grow the strength and enhance the hero’s abilities.Guild of Heroes

Thousands of enemies, bosses

Through the battles in the Guild of Heroes. Will face thousands of different enemies. They are fearsome monsters, ancient elves. Wicked dwarves, nasty orc wizards, and evil wizards. More enemies will appear as you go deeper into the dungeon. The difference between them is designed through the external appearance. Brings a unique fighting style, as well is equipped with its own weapons and attacks. Their ability will be shown through endurance. Along with the damage inflicted when attacking the hero. Moreover, sometimes you will have to face the boss in some locations. With the ability to surpass ordinary enemies. To defeat the boss is a process, that causes you a lot of difficulties.Game Guild of Heroes

Crafting weapons and armor

From collecting loot in the adventure of Guild of Heroes. Can be used to make hundreds of different combinations. Craft weapons with diverse systems. Can be used to attack enemies with large amounts of damage. As well as changing the fighting style to make a difference. For example, the sword can deal physical damage with a high multiplier. Magic wand with the advantage of the ability to deal magic damage. Besides, it is necessary to increase the hero’s defense and health. Through the armor to enhance the ability. Increased win rate higher when facing a large number of siege enemies. At the same time, armor can also change the hero’s appearance to become more prominent.Guild of Heroes Game APK

Modified MOD information of Guild of Heroes

  • Mod Menu
  • Huge Amount Of Money
  • Huge Amount Of diamonds
  • free shopping
  • anti ban

In addition to the battle with the enemies in the dungeons of the Guild of Heroes. You can also participate in PvP battles in the arena. Compete with other heroes in fierce battles. They are online players from many different places. Possessing its own fighting style, as well as a unique set of attack skills. To be able to play in this mode requires many factors. Which, the network connection requirement is one of the mandatory conditions to be performed. After that will be randomly arranged by the system to fight. Find out who won and was honored on the leaderboard.

Link Download Now Of Guild of Heroes MOD APK

Name ID Guild of Heroes
Updated On 09/05/2024
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher BIT.GAMES
Size 140MB
New version 1.164.3
MOD Info Menu, Unlimited money, free shoping, high damage, god mode, anti ban
Get It On Play Store
Update 09/05/2024 (2 weeks ago )


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Atualizem o Mod Menu Fazendo o Favor. E coloca a Opção de 2X Velocidade. Obrigado