Gun Fire Offline 2.0 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money ammo, god mode, onehit]
Gun Fire Offline 2.0 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money ammo, god mode, onehit]

Gun Fire Offline 2.0 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money ammo, god mode, onehit]

By The Toan - 10/10/2023 (6 months ago) - 67MB
Name Gun Fire Offline
Updated On 10/10/2023
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher 247 Action Games
Size 67MB
Version 2.0
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited money ammo, god mode, onehit
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Update 10/10/2023 (6 months ago )

You want to play a completely free 3D shooter genre. Come to the game Gun Fire Offline. This is an action role-playing game, that combines first-person shooter. Played in offline mode, can join anytime, anywhere. Your opponents in the process of fighting are all controlled by AI. But there are skills and flexible fighting abilities, no different from real players. According to the survival shooting gameplay, you will have to compete with other shooters. Don’t just defend yourself against fierce attacks. But also have to shoot down the opponent to become the last one standing. From there, win and receive many attractive rewards. Moreover, the game also offers many features for you to explore.

Download Gun Fire Offline MOD APK – Survival Battle Between Gunmen In The Arena

The battle of Gun Fire Offline takes place in a large arena. With the participation of many gunmen controlled by AI. The gameplay takes place in battle royale mode. The gunmen on the battlefield will have to attack each other. According to the rules of play, the battle lasts until all opponents are shot down. At the same time, only one gunman was left alive. To be the gunner to win the survival battle. You need to overcome the challenges of the opponents. Defend yourself against fierce gun attacks on the battlefield. From there he became the last man left.Gun Fire Offline

Starting from 0

The gunmen in Gun Fire Offline will start the survival mission from zero. Before the fight takes place, they will be dropped by a plane freely from the sky. As soon as you land, you will have to quickly search for weapons and equipment to use. They appear at various locations on the battlefield. When equipped with weapons will help you able to attack the enemy. Based on the open gameplay used in the battle royale mode. Have the freedom to deploy your own strategy. Use weapons that match your attack style to compete and fight opponents.Game Gun Fire Offline

Various types of equipment

From areas on the vast battlefield of Gun Fire Offline. Various equipment can be found. Includes a diverse weapon system with assault guns. Examples include sniper rifles, rifles, shotguns, and rotating machine guns. Much more will be found on the battlefield. Or move to locations where the enemy has lost their lives. There is a chance to collect the gun they used. However, care must be taken during the course of the war. You can only equip up to 2 different guns.

Each gun used will require ammunition. Depending on the gun, there will be a different amount of ammo. From time to time fight and do not stop attacking. The ammo count will gradually decrease until the tape runs out, after which it will take a short time to reload. Change the magazine in turn until it is exhausted, you will not be able to continue using the gun. In order for your gun to attack continuously, it is necessary to collect cartridges on the battlefield.Tai Gun Fire Offline

Can drive vehicles

The process of the war in Gun Fire Offline. Not only shooting activities. You can also use vehicles to move. Through the act of driving a car to shorten the travel time to other places. On the battlefield, there are many different types of cars. They are designed in military style and convertible. In addition to the advantage of increased movement speed faster to reach another area. When driving the vehicle also helps you to escape the pursuit of the enemy.

Team Battle e

In addition to the battle royale mode mentioned above. Gun Fire Offline game also has a team battle mode. Still playable offline. You will become teammates with other shooters, competing with opposing team forces. Your team members and the enemy faction are both controlled by AI. Follow the action shooting gameplay. It is necessary to work together to deploy an attack strategy. Aim to shoot down the opponent’s enemies. After successfully destroying all enemy forces will win.Download Gun Fire Offline

The control system of Gun Fire Offline is changed to suit each character’s activities. Under the first-person perspective when shooting. Can be moved using the virtual joystick-type joystick. Also, use the bullet icon to fire the attack gun. Besides, when switching to driving activities. You will use the steering wheel to navigate. Combine brake and accelerator to increase and decrease speed.