Gun Gang 4.1.0 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

Gun Gang 4.1.0 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

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Gun Gang 4.1.0 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

Unleash the action-packed shooting story that takes place in the Gun Gang game. Revolving around the mission against the robbers of the police force. Exciting activities used obstacle racing gameplay. At the same time recruit more soldiers to increase the number of police. From there, create a crowd, leading them to implement the strategy. Attack by firing bullets from using guns. Kill all the dangerous criminals to complete the challenge. Besides, this game also incorporates survival elements. Open up many different locations in stages. Gives you the opportunity to explore and not feel bored. With vivid, bright 3D graphics. Recreate diverse landscapes and environments. With hidden controls, easy to use with just a tap and swipe.

Gun Gang MOD APK – Gather a Crowd of Police to Kill Crime

Follow the survival gameplay of the game Gun Gang. With activities taking place in a challenge. Includes running, obstacle course, recruiting, and shooting. The ultimate goal is to prevent mobs of criminals. By firing bullets to destroy them all. Don’t let them escape to the helicopter. Otherwise, the mission will fail, and the challenge cannot be completed. It will take more time to do it again until it passes. Here, the rewards received after the quests include gold coins. Quantity will be evaluated through many factors. Based on a detailed scoreboard during the event. Includes the number of enemies killed, bonus items shot, and challenge difficulty. From there will receive the corresponding amount bonus.Gun Gang

With each level, the challenge gets harder

Crime fighting missions in Gun Gang are shown through each level. With challenges in ascending order. Each level opens a match according to the factors mentioned above. You need to recruit police units to create a crowd. After reaching the finish line, they will automatically deploy tactics. Hide behind objects to attack, and destroy the oncoming mobs. Then move on to a new challenge. The difficulty will increase every time start the next level. The number of criminal mobs will be larger than before. Along with obstacles, traps will appear more. As well as the distance traveled to perform actions will be longer. However, pass each level in turn when reaching a certain stage. Will be unlocked new map system, explore other locations.Tai Gun Gang

Gameplay, avoid the pitfalls

The process of playing levels of Gun Gang is very interesting. From a police unit to start the journey. The gun will automatically fire, and the police will automatically move forward. At this time it is necessary to observe the environment and terrain. Recruit more police by firing bullets to destroy blocks. From there increase the number to fire more intensely, as well as improve the power of the crowd. Easily wipe out all criminals after reaching the finish line. At the same time, do not forget to dodge the obstacles on the way. Examples include trash cans, automatic revolving walls, sandbanks, and many more. They appear scattered blocking the path of movement. Cause your crowd count can be reduced. This means the strength to fight the criminal gang is weakened, the damage is less.Gun Gang

Reward Level

Come to Gun Gang to perform match-by-match missions. When you reach a certain level, you can also participate in the rewarding quest. There will not be any obstacles or dangerous traps here. At the same time do not have to fight against mobs of criminals. What you need to do is increase the number of cops on the team. Also, fire bullets to destroy as many bonus items as possible. Then, based on the parameters displayed in detail. You will receive the number of gold coins corresponding to the achievement achieved. Combined with gold coins collected from regular levels. Over time will accumulate a large amount to use the transaction. Upgrade and unlock to dig deeper into the game’s content.Download Gun Gang

Use earned gold coins to make upgrades in Gun Gang. Enhance the ability of the police mob for better effect. Based on two factors for you to upgrade. Including the rate of fire of bullets and firepower of the gun. Upgrade each element in turn until the maximum level is reached. From there will exploit the full power of the crowd. Can fight more than before. Easily shoot down the mob of criminals to complete the mission. But it should be noted, that the next upgrade will need a larger amount of gold coins.

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Name ID Gun Gang
Updated On 15/07/2024
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Zynga
Size 212MB
New version 4.1.0
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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