Helix Jump 5.3.3 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money, Unlocked Costumes]
Helix Jump 5.3.3 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money, Unlocked Costumes]

Helix Jump 5.3.3 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money, Unlocked Costumes]

By The Toan - 30/12/2023 (4 months ago) - 91MB
Name Helix Jump
Updated On 30/12/2023
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher VOODOO
Size 91MB
Version 5.3.3
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Unlock Costumes
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Update 30/12/2023 (4 months ago )

Helix Jump is an entertaining and addictive mobile game. Developed by Voodoo, Helix Jump is a simple yet challenging entertainment experience. Players will control a small ball rolling on a complex spiral structure. You must perform manoeuvres to avoid the barriers and go deep inside. The goal of Helix Jump is to control the ball through spiral floors by rotating the phone screen or moving your finger on the screen to make the ball avoid the red planes. If you touch it, you will have to stop the game. While this seems simple, the game becomes increasingly difficult. Each spiral floor will have an increased difficulty. It requires players to have quick reactions and precise control skills.

Download Helix Jump MOD APK – Test your ball control skills on the Helix-Tower

Right from the beginning of the level, you will see a colourful spiral tower. It is designed with stairs that twist up from bottom to top. The bright-coloured ball is at the top, and you’ll have to get it safely down the tower. Control the ball wholly based on your finger on the touch screen. It would be best if you swiped your finger left or right to rotate the building. Thereby creating an empty path for the ball to pass. This operation needs to be done quickly and accurately. The ball always falls fast and cannot be slowed down. Your task is to control the ball to avoid colliding with the colourful ladders on the tower. Each collision will cause the ball to lose part of its colour, decreasing your score. At the same time, you also need to find a way for the ball to continue going down without getting stuck or falling off the tower. You will have to show sensitivity and quick reflexes. Along with that is the ability to calculate to achieve the highest score.

Pitfalls and obstacles

The pitfalls in Helix Jump appear as thorny objects. They are always waiting carelessly for the player. They can potentially cause a loss of points when the ball hits them. Not only that, the trap also creates an optimal challenge by preventing the ball from moving smoothly. Players need to make quick reflexes and choose the right time. Thereby to avoid colliding with these pitfalls. At the same time, keep the ball from losing colour and the score from decreasing.

Obstacles in Helix Jump are objects of various shapes and sizes. They are placed on the rungs of the helix tower. Its appearance makes the movement of the ball more difficult. Sometimes, narrow paths or steps are created. This requires players to be delicate and patient. These obstacles often change position or appear in later levels. That makes the game more and more complicated.

Release the fireball

When a fireball is present, the pressure is on the player to quickly get their ball down the tower to release the star. The star continuously emits intense light during this process, creating an attractive effect. They often have unique colours or are brighter than the rest. The player’s goal is to get the ball through a series of obstacles and stairs to reach the bottom of the tower. A gravitational effect occurs when the ball comes into contact with the fireball. Usually, the star will explode. From there, a series of bright rays of light and funny sounds are created. At the same time, it creates a strong thrust, helping your ball fly high. This creates an opportunity to overcome challenging levels.

Bright graphics

The graphics in the game Helix Jump are a unique feature and attract players at first sight. They are designed with brightness and diversity. This game creates an intuitive and vibrant environment. Helix Jump’s home screen usually has a black or dark background contrasting with other colourful elements—especially the ball and the twisted tower. The ball is always brilliant with bright colours. The contrast between the colour of the shadow and the background creates a striking effect. The twisting building is designed with stairs and richly coloured obstacles. This creates a visual and engaging challenge. Obstacles such as traps and ladders have unique shapes. Lighting and shadow effects are also used to design detail and smooth movement in the game.

Helix Jump evaluates players’ skills and motivates them to compete with themselves and friends through online rankings. This helps create more competition and fun. Simple graphics, exciting sounds and addictive gameplay have turned Helix Jump into a viral game among gamers worldwide. Join MODLMH to conquer the twisted tower challenges in the game today.