Hero Squad 24.0.2 APK MOD [Silent Enemy]
Hero Squad 24.0.2 APK MOD [Silent Enemy]

Hero Squad 24.0.2 APK MOD [Silent Enemy]

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Fight scary zombies in Hero Squad. This is a team-style action shooting game. Your mission is to lead the army into battle. With so many different goals to accomplish. If you want to overcome, you will have to go through an extremely fierce battle. The gameplay is a combination of shooting and survival. You will have to recruit more units to enhance your ability. Can resist large numbers of enemies trying to stop, in order to take the life of the whole team. Through that, there will have to be a tactic that needs to be deployed. At the same time equip new weapons for diverse attacks. Find a way to survive in the arena as long as you can. Wipe out all enemies for a convincing victory.

Hero Squad MOD APK – Lead the Force Against Zombie Crowds

Hero Squad simulates a large hall. With designs from different models to create a landscape. It is also the battlefield where survival battles take place. Accordingly, you will learn about the uniqueness of many different environments. Includes city settings, plain town areas, and more. Each battle environment will be modeled in its own way. With a variety of arrangements to make a difference every time you enter a new match. For example, the environment in the city includes vehicles, trees, etc. Or the environment is set in the town area. With the appearance of trailers, houses, fences,… However, no matter which battlefield you participate in, everything is encapsulated in one hall.Hero Squad

Battle series quests

Hero Squad ‘s mission system is divided into stages. Unleash the battle sequence in a large hall. When engaged to perform tasks in each stage. You will have to lead the army to attack the enemy. Those are zombies that come in large numbers to take lives. It is necessary to deploy a strategy to survive, and at the same time wipe them out. From there will win to complete the mission in a stage. Then enter a new stage to continue fighting. Pass each stage in turn to end a large-scale match. Will be system unlock new tasks? Takes place in a hall whose setting is recreated in another environment.Game Hero Squad

Boost selection after each stage

The gameplay of Hero Squad is quite simple. Start the mission with a unit of soldiers equipped with weapons. Fight with bloodthirsty zombies to survive. At the same time, after destroying them to win will receive a bonus. As well as the system gives 3 different options. You can choose 1 of 3 new minions to increase the number of troops. Or give options to increase combat power according to each stat. Depending on the completed battle can choose suitable one. Besides, combined with the money earned after fierce battles. Can be used to unlock and upgrade the squad to become superior.Tai Hero Squad

Multiple units of soldiers

Coming to Hero Squad , you can recruit many different units of soldiers. The difference between them is reflected in the fighting style. At the same time, each unit also has its own special ability. Shockbow fires electric arrows and stuns enemies. Akimbo uses a gun in his hand with the advantage of continuous bullets. The Shotgun fires a bullet capable of detonating and disabling the target. A sniper with the advantage of attacking from a distance and being able to penetrate enemy defenses. Paladin uses the hammer in his hand to smash the ground, with the ability to attack melee. The grenade-throwing unit can create a large explosion to deal massive area damage. There are many other units that will be recruited by you after joining.

Upgrade and unlock drones

Use the money earned after battles in Hero Squad. Can increase max health, movement speed, fire rate, and damage. Go through the game’s store to make upgrades. At that time, it will enhance the superior fighting ability of the whole team. In addition, the completed levels of the system provides temporary powers. Accordingly, it is possible to equip more unmanned aircraft. Will support your team to attack and move anywhere in the hall.Download Hero Squad

There is a note you need to know about the Hero Squad game. This game is designed in the form of a model battlefield. Simultaneously combined with the shape of characters and enemies in stickman style. Especially reproduced the landscape in a bright environment. With a unique design from many different elements. From vehicles, and objects, to objects. Everything is simulated according to the model. This will make a difference in content. Help you have a new experience in the genre of team shooting against zombies.

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Name ID Hero Squad
Updated On 11/06/2024
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher 8SEC Games
Size 167MB
New version 24.0.2
MOD Info Silent Enemy
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