Highway Getaway 1.4.008 APK MOD [Free Shopping]
Highway Getaway 1.4.008 APK MOD [Free Shopping]

Highway Getaway 1.4.008 APK MOD [Free Shopping]

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Become a racer in the game Highway Getaway. Master your steering wheel to control the vehicle on the roads. Mission to escape from the chase from the police force. Simultaneously perform a series of different tasks specifically required by the system. The process will have many different challenges to face. From the complex traffic system on the road. Until the vehicle’s fuel is gradually reduced, it is necessary to refuel so as not to run out. Even more interesting when you have the opportunity to compete with other players. Through online competition mode based on scores. Try to achieve excellent results to surpass your opponent in a higher position to raise your personal ranking.

Description about Highway Getaway MOD APK – Drive Away From The Chase From The Police Force

Based on racing gameplay and unlimited destination in the game. From a third-person perspective control your racing car. The task of moving on the streets of the city with the dense traffic of many other vehicles. Along with that is the fierce chase from the police vehicles. Even helicopters hovering in the air. There are many other challenges to face while driving. Can you overcome them all? How far can you move to achieve? Have escaped from the chase by the traffic police? The result is determined by your skill and experience in driving.Highway Getaway MOD

Many obstacles on the way

The process of driving on the street will face many different obstacles. From vehicles such as cars, passenger cars, fire trucks, cargo trucks, … and many more. Until police cars chase behind or change lanes ahead and stop. Moreover, the incidents occurred on the road that hindered. For example, a road repair vehicle is parked and has a warning. Everything happens suddenly and unpredictably. Especially when traveling farther and farther. The number of vehicles circulating with a greater density appears. Make it difficult for you to overcome. They even change lanes to create narrow gaps. Makes you have to dodge and dodge precisely.Game Highway Getaway MOD


In the journey to escape from the police force at Highway Getaway. The vehicle’s fuel will gradually consume over the distance traveled, expressed as a percentage. When the power is depleted, it will decrease to 0%, which means it cannot operate. Causing the car to stop and be surrounded by police. Accordingly, it is necessary to observe the vehicles on the road. Search for a fuel transport vehicle to move precisely to the refueling point. That process will not be anyone who can influence you. Because the refueling vehicle will destroy and collide with all obstacles on the road. After refueling can continue the journey.Download Highway Getaway MOD

More than 200 quests to do

Through these driving races run away from the police. You also have to perform a lot of different tasks. According to the information provided, the system will open more than 200 specific tasks to perform. For example, completing a race, traveling a distance of 750 meters, and successfully passing 5 cars. Or destroy 3 cars on the road, get rid of 6 police cars, and finish the journey safely.

Moreover, you have to complete the race without losing a single life and destroy 5 other cars. There are many other tasks that will be given by the system every time it comes to the next race. At the same time, the difficulty also increases with the requirements of the tasks that are more difficult to complete than before.Tai Highway Getaway MOD

Many different car models

Promising to open up exciting races on the road. Accordingly, you have the opportunity to drive many different models. With a diverse collection of uniquely designed car models. Examples include sports cars, sedans, supercars, and pickup trucks. More are police cars, passenger cars, offroad cars, and classic cars. Each vehicle is designed differently with its components. Their performance is demonstrated through the technical parameters. You can find out the details of each vehicle’s parameters. But besides that, to own a favorite racing car, it is mandatory to pay a fee.

Besides driving on the streets of Highway Getaway. During that journey, you can get support from devices. For example, the front bumper plays a defensive role. Mounted directly on the front of the vehicle to ram the vehicle in the event of a collision. Or the nitro is activated directly, then increases its top speed for a certain amount of time. From there, far away from the police vehicles that are chasing behind.

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Name ID Highway Getaway
Updated On 12/05/2024
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Vivid Games S.A.
Size 91MB
New version 1.4.008
MOD Info Free Shopping
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Update 12/05/2024 (2 weeks ago )