Human Gun 4.23 APK MOD [Unlocked]

Human Gun 4.23 APK MOD [Unlocked]

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Human Gun 4.23 APK MOD [Unlocked]

If you are looking to test your skills on a race track. The game Human Gun is a suitable choice, exclusively for those who love the racing game genre. With a combination of stickman-style action and shooting elements. The content unfolds on a completely new theme. Different from other racing action games on the market. Here, your task is to collect stickman characters to fuse into a gun. Aim to attack the obstacles on the way and overcome the pitfalls. Win with the highest possible achievement points. Accordingly, you will have the opportunity to enjoy many other interesting and fun features. At the same time enjoy bright graphics, and a vivid environment.

Human Gun MOD APK – Increase the Number of Stickman Crowds To Perform Shooting Action

Similar to other racing stickman games. The gameplay of Human Gun is designed to be fun. On a straight road with the appearance of pitfalls and obstacles. Your mission is to increase the number of stickman mobs to attack the objects ahead. Simultaneously defeat the enemies that stand in the way. Overcome all challenges to reach the finish line with a large number of stickmen. Then attach the blocks to get the corresponding score. According to the achievement achieved will receive a valuable bonus. Use them to unlock new weapons and upgrade the stickman’s abilities.Human Gun

Quest system, increasing difficulty

According to the content of the game Human Gun. The mission system takes place at each level with many difficult challenges. Each level opens up a race on the road, divided into 3 lanes. Your mission is to increase the number of stickmen as large as possible. The achievement of each level is shown by the score, corresponding to the scale after reaching the finish line to attack the point blocks. Continue the adventure in the new quest, the difficulty will increase. That will make you face many challenges in the process of running the race. Not only the number of traps increased more than before. And the travel distance is also longer. Sometimes you also have to fight stickman bosses who get in the way by firing bullets to attack.Game Human Gun

Gameplay, classification results

The process takes place in each race at Human Gun. Stickman characters appear in many different locations. It is necessary to move accurately to increase the number. More specifically, according to the shooting theme used in this game. The stickman will merge into a gun to attack. By firing bullets to destroy the number display blocks on the track. After that, when you reach the finish line, you will enter the stage of demonstrating the power of the crowd. Based on the number of blocks on the scale. The gun will continuously fire to destroy, the achievement will be shown in points when the stickman gun touches. Rewards include money and a chance to collect safes. After unlocking, there will be many unique items to use.Tai Human Gun

The pitfalls, require skill

The pitfalls are a hindrance in the process of increasing the number of stickman crowds at Human Gun. For example vertical poles, horizontal poles, sharp spike traps, and many more. Follow the levels that take place with increasing challenges. More new obstacles will appear. To be able to overcome them will have to dodge. Requires your skill in observing the terrain and environment ahead. Control the crowd to move accurately and change direction so as not to touch. Combine automatic shooting to destroy blocks of numbers in the way. Increase the number of stickmen to improve strength. Continue your journey until you reach the finish line.

Various types of guns

A lot of different guns are provided by Human Gun. Those are the weapons that the stickman crowd fused to attack. Each type has a unique design. Possesses impressive attack effects, shown through ammunition. Through the levels of play, after completing the task will receive percentage points. When accumulating 100%, the system will unlock a new gun. Or through the race to perform the task. From collecting money can also buy weapons from within the game’s store.Download Human Gun

In addition to using money to unlock guns in Human Gun. Can also be used to upgrade the ability of the gun. Includes damage and firing range. Increase each level in turn until you reach the maximum. That will help the stickman crowd attack stronger. Easily destroy the blocks in the way and get better achievements. Likewise, money can also be used to increase the number of stickmen at the beginning of a race. Or increase the rate of receiving bonuses from collecting money during the performance of the quest.

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Name ID Human Gun
Updated On 07/06/2024
Requires Android 10
Publisher Rollic Games
Size 118MB
New version 4.23
MOD Info Unlocked
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