Hyper Dungeon 0.38 APK MOD [Menu LMH, One Hit, Huge Amount Of Mana]

Hyper Dungeon 0.38 APK MOD [Menu LMH, One Hit, Huge Amount Of Mana]

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Hyper Dungeon 0.38 APK MOD [Menu LMH, One Hit, Huge Amount Of Mana]

Explore dungeons in Hyper Dungeon. This is a role-playing game, built in the style of action. Ready to go on a mission as a hero. Equipped with weapons and possessing special skills. Aim against dangerous monsters. With open gameplay, can freely fight your own way. At the same time have the opportunity to collect valuable loot. Even more interesting, is when the game is experienced in offline mode. No support from teammates or other players. Will have to fight alone to overcome all difficult challenges. Furthermore, there will be a chance to explore various dungeons. As well as using a variety of weapons to fight diverse. Also, enjoy the intuitive control mechanism. With sharp and vivid 3D graphics.

Hyper Dungeon MOD APK – Explore Dungeons Against Dangers

The background of Hyper Dungeon opens in a dark dungeon. Role-play as a hero to join the adventure. Perform tasks according to each level of the game. With a diverse challenge system for you to explore. Express yourself by attacking monsters. Survive deadly dangers. Also, wipe out the enemies to complete the mission. Then will receive gold coins corresponding to the level taking place. Continue the journey, by moving on to the next mission. The difficulty also increases from there with more difficult challenges than before. Not only appeared other monsters. But also against a larger number. Make the hero have to keep fighting. It will even be in danger of life if it cannot be prevented.Hyper Dungeon

Open gameplay, fighting skills

The process of the war in the game Hyper Dungeon. According to the open gameplay, the hero can perform the attack action freely. As well as unlimited movement to fight and explore. Especially with the automatic attack mechanism. Will use equipped weapons and skills to fight the enemy. But it should be noted, it is not possible to move and fight at the same time. To be able to win against dangerous monsters. Requires your skill in accompanying heroes. Constantly moving to deploy the right attack. Because a large number of enemies will rush to attack to take lives. So don’t let them surround you. Over time, it is necessary to improve the strength of the hero. Through the collected items to upgrade.Game Hyper Dungeon

Weapon system and defense shield

Hero in the process of fighting in Hyper Dungeon. Various weapons can be collected to use. Here, the game possesses a huge arsenal of weapons. Divided into many types such as swords, staffs, and magic wands. Each type is shaped in its own unique style. With impressive depiction, expressed through style. Specially designed with characteristic color effects. At the same time, they possess different damage stats. Can be upgraded to increase levels, to improve abilities. In addition, many types of defensive shields are unlocked. Increase the hero’s stamina against dangerous monsters. Depending on the type of weapon and shield when equipped. Will bring superior combat power to the hero.Download Hyper Dungeon

Face many enemies, fight bosses

Through battles in Hyper Dungeon. The hero will encounter a lot of different enemies. Those are scary monsters. For example chimpanzees, zombies, carnivorous flowers, trolls, and many more. Each type of enemy possesses its own superior combat power. Shown through attack style, health, and defense. Not stopping there, experiencing fierce battles. When reaching a certain stage of a level of play. Will have to face the giant boss. Possesses abilities that surpass ordinary enemies. With strength and defense, as well as a larger size. After overcoming bosses and monsters in the dungeons. There will be a chance to get treasure chests to unlock many valuable rewards.Ear Hyper Dungeon

The strength of the hero in Hyper Dungeon is shown through the stats. Includes attack, attack speed, mana, health, defense, and healing speed. Each parameter plays an important role. Can be changed to increase superior combat ability. Depending on the weapon, the shield equipped will increase damage and defense. Simultaneously experience many battles, from defeating monsters. Will get experience points, when accumulated enough will increase to a new level. Help the hero’s stats increase so that he can continue his journey in more difficult challenges.

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Name ID Hyper Dungeon
Updated On 06/07/2024
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher Minidragon
Size 172MB
New version 0.38
MOD Info Menu, One Hit, Unlimited Mana
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Update 06/07/2024 (1 week ago )