Idle Digging 1.7.6 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]
Idle Digging 1.7.6 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

Idle Digging 1.7.6 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

By The Toan - (Period 4 weeks ago)

Come to Idle Digging if you love idle simulation games. This game will make you satisfied when participating in the journey of “digging” and exploring architectural works. Your job is to build a team of tribes to dig deep into the layers of rock or snow. Below are a variety of expensive resources and unique buildings. The beauty of these works will make you mesmerized. Moreover, the fun sounds from the digging activity relax the mind even more. This game also has an unlimited number of levels. So you have endless opportunities to find houses.

Idle Digging MOD APK – Dig and explore beautiful buildings

Are you curious about the mysteries below the ground? Idle Digging will help you uncover all those mysteries in this idle experience. Join the game, you will become the head of the wild tribes. Your task is to build a powerful tribe with many inhabitants. They are the most important force to help you explore every land. Residents will dig up layers of rock and unearth ancient structures. And you will get invaluable resources from these constructions.


Idle gameplay style

Similar to other “idle” games, this game does not require gamers to manipulate too much. The constant “clicker” mechanism is also eliminated, leaving you hands-free while playing games. Instead, this game focuses on the upgrade element. Thanks to that, you only need to care about the upgrade and enjoy the relaxation from the game. The rest consisted of endless digging beneath layers of rock and snow. That’s the part taken by the inhabitants of the tribe. They will take turns working to create works of a lifetime.

Over time, you’ll see residents digging in the ground, revealing parts of the structure. The special thing is that the top part will appear first. As you dig deeper, the remaining parts will gradually appear. This creates a surprise for players. Because you don’t know what the finished project will look like until it’s done. Each excavation site is a work, each of which has its own beauty. Thanks to that, each level in the game brings endless excitement.


Huge Amount Of upgrades

Your main task in Idle Digging is to upgrade. So how to upgrade? There are three key metrics that need to be improved over time: profitability, speed, and population. You need to spend money to upgrade each stat. The roles of the three indicators are equally important. But in each stage, you need to know which stat upgrade should be prioritized. For example, in the beginning, you should be more concerned with the number of inhabitants than the speed. The more residents, the faster the mining speed, thereby bringing more profit.

Besides, the population force has many different types. Each type has its own attributes of energy and strength. You also need to upgrade the properties of the residents to boost work productivity. Moreover, you can decorate the found structures. Visit the shopping cart and find unique items such as flowers, plants, lights, sparks, etc. There are a number of residents who will participate in the decoration of the building. Therefore, if you want to concentrate your efforts on digging, save the decoration for the last stage.


Explore and adventure more

This game offers a lot of different locations from the desert to the arctic. In each place, you will find different buildings and resources. Each project is designed with its own creative and new architectural style. Moreover, the scenery of the lands brings wild natural beauty. All of this gives a great sense of adventure. Go further to find more, why not? Play hard to become the greatest adventurer.


Beautiful design, relaxing sound

The game will make you overwhelmed by the beauty of the scenery and buildings. Everything is a colorful and classic architectural style. In particular, the image of the inhabitants of the tribe looks small and lovely. Every movement of digging, mining, and decorating is very smooth, providing a pleasant feeling. Besides, the background music is moderately vibrant melodies. It is these tunes that will help you relax while enjoying the game.

Don’t miss Idle Digging and the great expedition here. It is you who will lead the tribes to explore all lands and buildings. Just tap the screen to upgrade everything and watch the mining idle. There are dozens of buildings with classic beauty available in this game. It’s a reward for your exploration efforts. Moreover, you will earn huge profits from the resources deep in the earth.

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Name ID Idle Digging
Updated On 19/05/2024
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher ZPLAY Games
Size 80MB
New version 1.7.6
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Update 19/05/2024 (4 weeks ago )