Idle Slice and Dice 2.7.1 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money, free shopping]
Idle Slice and Dice 2.7.1 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money, free shopping]

Idle Slice and Dice 2.7.1 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money, free shopping]

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Manage your cutting factory in the Idle Slice and Dice game. From there, develop a career in a growth game. The goal is to cut the ingredients to make a lot of money. To upgrade the production line. Multiple slices can be created from a single ingredient. Follow the open content about the management of a cutting plant. With many different tasks to perform. Requires your skills during maintenance and upgrading. More interesting when participating in the game will be played in offline mode. Enjoy the idle gameplay with simple rules. Also, enjoy bright 3D graphics. Expressed through the image quality reproduces the game space. Promises to bring fun entertainment when participating.

Idle Slice and Dice MOD APK – Factory Management To Chop Ingredients

Responsible for managing the production operations of a factory. Your task is to develop the cutting chain to earn a lot of money. Aim to become a rich boss in the game Idle Slice and Dice. Accordingly, it will have to monitor the operation line in the factory. The process of chopping different ingredients takes place. From there constantly increase profits to make a lot of money. In order to develop the factory to operate with greater efficiency. That will increase revenue to help you own a large fortune. To do that will have to go through a process. Requires your management and strategy to grow.Idle Slice and Dice

Complete progress to level up

Follow the growth gameplay of Idle Slice and Dice. Factory production line operation. Cut ingredients into slices. Over time will receive experience points to accumulate. Helps you to rise to new levels. Get a chance to discover many new features. This will increase the player’s experience. Bringing innovation that is constantly changing. Also create challenges to test your management skills. Aim to develop a factory with the capacity for mass production. However, it should be noted about each level. Experience points will need more to be able to increase to the next level.Game Idle Slice and Dice

How the factory works

In the factory of Idle Slice and Dice is divided into 2 different parts. Including conveyor belt and cutting machine system. Each part plays its own role in the cutting operation. The conveyor belt pushes the materials to the cutting unit. Soon they will work as programmed. Chop the materials into slices to increase the bonus. After the ingredients are chopped, they will drive down the final line and be consumed. From time to time perform duties, as a manager. You need to monitor the operation of the cutting line. Find ways to help your manufacturing plant be more productive. Through upgrading and unlocking.Tai Idle Slice and Dice

Upgrade chains and stats

Upgrading is one of the very important factors in Idle Slice and Dice. To make the factory work better during the cutting of raw materials. It is necessary to use the accumulated bonuses and perform. Including the production line, and the speed of the line. Cutting system and material cutting speed. Accordingly, upgrade the chain to a certain level. Then will be equipped with more cutters on the chain. Allows passing materials to be cut longitudinally. Then combine with the shredding system into slices. Can turn large materials into many small blocks. From there will increase the bonus received a larger amount than before. Besides, it is also possible to upgrade the speed, blade, and the percentage of receiving money. Help your plant increase operational capacity.

Various cutting blades

The cutting system of Idle Slice and Dice is very diverse. According to the level when reaching each certain stage. At that time, the new cutter system will be unlocked. Examples from a few levels in the early stages of joining. In your factory use knife cutting system. But as the level increases, it is possible to change into laser beams, door blades, and more. Each blade offers a unique ability. As well as the way it is done to shred the materials will not be the same. For example, knives can be cut into small blocks of each material. But the saw blade can cut into thin slices.Download Idle Slice and Dice

Modified MOD information of Idle Slice and Dice

  • Huge Amount Of Money
  • free shopping

A lot of different materials are used by Idle Slice and Dice. Examples include watermelon, dishes, rainbow rubber, logs, gingerbread, and pasta. Each type is designed with its own color and unique shape. However, if you want to explore all the ingredients. Requires you to reach the corresponding level of play. By completing the schedule and constantly upgrading the factory. You will then be able to unlock each material in turn to enjoy.

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Name ID Idle Slice and Dice
Updated On 11/06/2024
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Green Panda Games
Size 45MB
New version 2.7.1
MOD Info Unlimited money, free shopping
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Update 11/06/2024 (2 weeks ago )