Impostor vs Zombie 2 1.1.3 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Gold, Diamonds]

Impostor vs Zombie 2 1.1.3 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Gold, Diamonds]

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Impostor vs Zombie 2 1.1.3 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Gold, Diamonds]

Fight off fearsome zombies in the apocalyptic setting of Impostor vs Zombie 2. Follow the team action to lead survivors to destroy hordes of zombies. Through the wars that take place in many different environments. Rely on simple one-touch controls to move. Combined with the system of support equipment and weapons of each person to attack. The goal is to kill all enemies to survive and survive in a post-apocalyptic world. This game is in the Casual category of the publisher Great Arcade Games. The content is built according to the shooting gameplay combined with action. With vivid 3D graphic design and sharp image quality. Along with unique simulated sound effects.

Impostor vs Zombie 2 MOD APK – Fight the Crowd of Zombies in the Apocalypse

The setting unfolds in an apocalyptic world. It is not clear why, but after the appearance of a deadly virus, the world fell into chaos. Accordingly, people infected with the disease will quickly become zombies. The bloodlust made them go crazy and relentlessly attack. Before the waves of zombies, humanity was almost destroyed. Civilizations are destroyed and everything is in chaos. Not stopping there, the deadly virus also entered the space station of the astronauts. To be able to stop them, they will have to fight to destroy all the undead. From there, protect the world in order to save what is left.Impostor vs Zombie 2 MOD

Missions by Level

Take on quests according to the game’s story revolving around the war against zombies. Through levels that open up in many different environments. Each level takes place in a fierce battle to destroy the zombies with a specific number. In the open-to-battle gameplay, you will gather survivors to attack the enemy. Use equipped weapons and combine them with support equipment to attack. Destroy each wave of enemies in turn until wiping them all out. Then move to the space checkpoint to teleport to another location. From there will complete the task at a level and receive valuable rewards.Game Impostor vs Zombie 2 MOD

Fight off many zombies and bosses

The process of level-by-level battles of Impostor vs Zombie 2 will face many different zombies. They are all impostors, space monsters shaped in their own style. That difference is reflected in appearance, size, and appearance. Not stopping there, going through the matches when reaching a certain level. At this time, he also had to face a fierce attack from the boss. For example, fakers deform after infecting viruses, monsters, and bloodthirsty zombies. There are more fearsome bosses to face in other battles. Accordingly, the boss is not only larger in size than usual. It also possesses superior attack power, health, and endurance.Tai Impostor vs Zombie 2 MOD


The reward received after the end of a battle is gold coins and diamonds. Based on the time to complete the battle, along with the achievements. From there will receive gold coins with the corresponding amount. At the same time, if you are lucky, you will have the opportunity to receive rare diamonds. Besides, it is also possible to increase the X2, X3, X4, and X5 rewards through the correct stop operation. Accordingly, the system will display a horizontal bar with multiple bonus points. You need to touch and stop the arrow to the center or closest to the center. From there will be multiplied many times the bonus to receive a large amount.Download Impostor vs Zombie 2 MOD

There are many characters

Experiencing the war will have the opportunity to recruit many different characters. They are all space station survivors. Shaped in the style of astronauts combined with different costumes. Examples include archers, magicians, police, army, clowns, mass murderers, and many more. Each character is uniquely shaped and possesses its own attack weapon. For example, Chicky is a magnetic mat and uses a rifle. Robink is an archer and attacks with arrows. Or Rifler is a military unit, using Rocket guns with great destructive power. There is much more waiting for you to discover.

In the fight of Impostor vs Zombie 2, it is also possible to use many types of support weapons. Typical are rocket boosters, atomic bombs, and others. Each type of support weapon has a limited number. Should be used only when necessary, thereby helping survivors overcome danger. Accordingly, all types of support weapons bring outstanding attack capabilities. For example, an atomic bomb can cause a crowd of zombies to explode as soon as the bomb explodes.

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Name ID Impostor vs Zombie 2: Doomsday
Updated On 08/07/2024
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher Great Arcade Games
Size 85MB
New version 1.1.3
MOD Info Unlimited Gold, Diamonds
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