Join & Strike 2.0.04 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Diamonds, Coins]

Join & Strike 2.0.04 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Diamonds, Coins]

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Join & Strike 2.0.04 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Diamonds, Coins]

Gather forces to fight in the game Join & Strike. Follow the action gameplay built in the form of a stickman. You will have to fend off attacks from enemy army forces. Through leading units equipped with guns to destroy the enemy. Also, prevent the onslaught at the final stage to be able to end the battle. This game is built on the foundation of 3D graphics. With a sharp image design and vivid effect combination. Along with that is the shaping of characters and enemies in the style of stick people. The difference is shown through its own striking color. Besides, the game also offers a series of interesting features. From diverse weapon systems to valuable rewards.

Join & Strike MOD APK – Gather Army Forces To Resist Attacks From The Enemy

Fight off enemy forces in a moving game that combines action. Accordingly, you will begin your journey on a route designed with different terrain. Along with that, the distance traveled takes place over a certain distance. Accordingly, it will start from the starting line with a limited number of units equipped with guns. Will have to move forward to fend off attacks from enemies. Also, increase the number of troops by collecting soldiers. They spawn at random locations along the way, needing to be touched to recruit to the team successfully. From there, it is possible to increase the number to improve the superior combat ability.Join & Strike MOD

The gameplay takes place

The course of the battle journey will be divided into two phases. The first will move on the road to collect soldiers to increase the number of troops. At the same time have to fight each group of enemies that appear randomly in several locations along the way. After passing all will move to the final point. Your entire army will gather at the Attack Area point. At this time, from the enemy military base will appear a large number of enemies. Together they rush out and proceed to attack the army under your command. To be able to win will have to wipe out the enemy force. From there, you can end a match, as well as complete tasks to receive rewards.Game Join & Strike MOD

Quests by level

Based on the content of the game Join & Strike to perform the task. Unlock levels with challenges waiting ahead. At each level takes place the journey to recruit soldiers to increase army strength. Aim against the ferocious wave of attacks in the final battle. After winning a level will complete the mission. At the same time, based on the difficulty of the participating level, you will receive gold coins with the corresponding amount. Then continue to enter new levels with increased difficulty. It makes you face many challenges to be able to complete. But the bonus received after that will be larger.

Units of the military force you command use various weapons to attack. Examples include rifles, grenades, shotguns and many more. Each weapon used will create a powerful attack. Can deal great damage to enemies.Tai Join & Strike MOD

Many changes when reaching new levels

There are many changes after coming to the next level. The terrain is designed to be more complex than before. With the appearance of dangerous obstacles and traps. If your army forces collide, you will lose your life. This means that the combat power is reduced and it is difficult to fight the enemy. In addition, the number of enemy troops will increase, and in each group blocking the road is also improved in strength. Even had to fight bosses at some stages. Thanks to its ability to outperform conventional units. Shown by size, amount of health, and damage dealt. Make it difficult for your army to destroy the boss.Download Join & Strike MOD


According to the increasing difficulty when reaching new levels. Requires you to upgrade combat power. Through the use of gold coins collected after the match. Squad, Damage and Income can be upgraded. Each type of upgrade will bring its own special ability during a battle at new levels. For example Squad will increase the number of army units at the start. Damage improves the power to increase the damage dealt when attacking. Or Income increases the number of gold coins received after winning.

Start the game Join & Strike with the participation of the golden Stickman unit. Later can unlock more new characters. Through the skins provided by the system with many different styles. That difference is reflected in the equipment. Examples include caps, glasses, masks, and alien hats. There are many other skins waiting for you to discover. But to unlock will have to meet the required conditions.

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Name ID Join & Strike
Updated On 15/07/2024
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher Hitapps
Size 100MB
New version 2.0.04
MOD Info Unlimited Diamonds, Coins
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Update 15/07/2024 (14 hours ago )