Labyrinth Legend II Mod Hack APK 1.0.12 (God Mode, Unlimited Money)
Labyrinth Legend II Mod Hack APK 1.0.12 (God Mode, Unlimited Money)

Labyrinth Legend II Mod Hack APK 1.0.12 (God Mode, Unlimited Money)

By HN - 17/10/2022
Name LMHMOD Labyrinth Legend II
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher シノビゲームズ
MOD Features God Mode, Unlimited Money
Size 113MB
Version 1.0.12
Category Action
Get It On MOD Google Play
Price FREE
Update 17/10/2022 (5 months ago )

Continuing the appeal of the previous version of the hack and slash action game genre. Labyrinth Legend II Mod game is the second part. Open up a new adventure in the dungeon. They will be randomly generated to bring a new experience after each participation. Different missions need to be completed. Have the opportunity to meet and chat with many NPC characters. Through them to perform trading operations. In particular, this new version has upgraded many features. Various types of weapons and a variety of unique combat skills. Appear many types of enemies, and monsters in the battle. Nostalgic pixel art style. Along with that, the open gameplay remains the same. Allows you to freely explore a vast imaginary world.

Download Labyrinth Legend II Mod – Dungeon Adventure to Save the World

The content of the game Labyrinth Legend II Mod revolves around fighting in the dungeon. With the mission to save the world from the domination of demons. Role-play as a hero to venture into danger. Embark on a challenging journey in the dungeon. With gameplay that generates random maps after each adventure. The layout and terrain will be changed differently, compared to the previous one. This not only keeps people entertained. As well as not being bored when you can only join a single map. More specifically, instead of using sharp graphics like games with similar themes. Here, nostalgic pixel graphics are used to recreate the environment and landscape. Bringing a fresh take on the action game genre, revolving around the theme of dungeon exploration.Game Labyrinth Legend II Mod

Many monsters, bosses

The process of performing the mission to save the world in Labyrinth Legend II Mod. The hero will have to face a lot of different enemies. The monsters and demons are equipped with unique weapons. The spirit is cute but has impressive power. The carnivorous flower will stretch out its long stem to attack from a distance. Over time, the deeper you go into the dungeon, the more new enemies appear. In particular, complete the game progress according to each mission. Sometimes will have to face bosses. They are one of the most difficult challenges the hero faces. Because the boss’s power is not like that of ordinary monsters. Possessing impressive attack ability, the damage generated is many times. As well as defense and maximum health. Causing the hero to die if he can’t be defeated.Download Labyrinth Legend II Mod

Progress, experience, and gems

In the adventure explore randomly generated dungeons in Labyrinth Legend II Mod. Heroes are free to fight in their own style. Equip a variety of weapons. The attack can be switched flexibly, depending on the weapon used. Also, carry a potion, when the blood is about to run out, it can be used to recover. Continue the journey and perform the mission. Besides, destroy each enemy in turn in the battle. Fight them off by wiping them all out. From there will get gems and experience points. Over time, you will accumulate a large number of gems to trade. As well as increase to new levels to improve strength. Have the opportunity to unlock more new features. For example, unlock the equipment box to use more new weapons.Tai Labyrinth Legend II Mod

Various weapons, equipment

Many different types of weapons to be able to equip the hero. With a huge arsenal of weapons provided by Labyrinth Legend II Mod. Typical of several types such as swords, bows, staffs, gauntlets, and more. Each weapon when used will attack in its own way. For example, the sword has the advantage of being agile and flexible at close range. Bows and arrows have the ability to deal damage from a distance. Combining both movement and attack will bring very high efficiency. In addition, the hero is also equipped with helmets, shoes, and costumes. They will improve stats like attack, defense, health, and movement speed. After equipping, it is possible to further strengthen the hero’s strength. Through upgrading each different type of equipment. By using the right items.Labyrinth Legend II Mod

The course of the adventure in Labyrinth Legend II Mod. Heroes can equip up to 4 types of weapons to change in battle. But that still could not determine the outcome of the quest. Because you also have to rely on your skills to be able to overcome challenges. Face dangerous enemies and fearsome bosses. It is necessary to study their attack style. From there fight smart to destroy and complete the mission. Win and go deeper into the dungeon.

Download Labyrinth Legend II Hack APK 1.0.12 Android

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