Little Krishna 4.4.344 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

Little Krishna 4.4.344 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

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Little Krishna 4.4.344 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

Follow the side-scrolling gameplay to enter the adventures of Little Krishna. You will be accompanied by Krishna or the mischievous girl Radha. Thereby entering the journey in the kingdom of Vrindavan. The goal is to chase Putana to bring his evil deeds to light. At the same time force him to be punished before justice. Rely on the mechanics of running off-road and avoiding hazards. The endless running, mechanism is played out with different tasks that need to be performed. Also, complete the progress by conquering the stage to enter a new adventure. Countless difficult and dangerous challenges are waiting ahead. Require your skills to help the character overcome and gain new achievements.

Little Krishna MOD APK – Adventure on the Roads in the Kingdom of Vrindavan

Accompany Krishna or the girl Radha on an adventure in the kingdom of Vrindavan. According to the racing gameplay, the scene element is combined. The character will not stop running forward. Pass through three lanes with tons of obstacles and dangers in the way. To be able to continue the journey, you will have to help the character navigate. Change lanes in front of obstacles to avoid collisions. Also, try to collect items on the way. Accumulate in large quantities to use in many different activities. The adventure will last until the completion of the journey. Or if an obstacle collision will have to end early. It will then start the journey again at the starting point.Little Krishna MOD

Diverse quest system

The course of the adventures will have to perform a lot of different tasks. In each journey, there will be 3 specific tasks to perform. For example, get 1000 points in 1 run, finish the journey between 500 meters and 800 meters and use a magnet once. Or use a feather to respawn once, score 1500 points and collect a minimum of 200 gold coins. Continuing to come to new journeys, the difficulty of the task will increase. Accordingly, the system will present many new challenges. At the same time increase the distance traveled by a larger number of meters than before. Or the score to be achieved will have to be higher. This will make it difficult for you to complete, but the reward received afterward also increases.Game Little Krishna MOD

Collect many things

On the way to move with the character at Little Krishna. There will be many activities going on that need to be done. In addition to dodging obstacles and dangers that appear along the way. Also have to collect gold coins, feathers, and letters. Each type will bring a unique ability for you to use. For example, gold coins are constantly collected to accumulate, thereby performing transactions and unlocking. Feathers are used to revive the character after impact, thereby continuing the journey. Or letters, collect to match each letter into a complete word. Then you will receive valuable rewards. Besides, there is also a chance to find support items. Bring the advantages to achieve better results and achievements.Tai Little Krishna MOD

Use support items

During the journey, there will be a chance to collect support items. Includes feather boot, magnet, and shield. Each item will bring a unique special ability. But it is necessary to pay attention to the time because they can only be used for a certain period of time. Accordingly, feather shoes will increase running speed by double or even triple. The magnet will attract all the gold coins in the lanes that you run through. Or the shield can defend and save a life if it collides with an obstacle.

Obstacles and dangers

Many obstacles hinder the character’s journey in the kingdom of Vrindavan. Examples include logs, molten lava flows, large rocks, fences, and more. Besides that, there are dangers such as angry elephants, witches using magic, aggressive bulls, and more. Obstacles appear throughout the adventure. You need to dodge to survive and continue the journey. But not stopping there, after reaching a certain stage, they still have to face the boss.Download Little Krishna MOD

Use feathers earned or through a rewarding activity at Little Krishna. Can unlock many different pieces of equipment to customize the character. Accordingly, there are unique costumes for you to choose for your character. Includes warrior, hero, and ultimate-style outfits. Each outfit includes different types of shirts, pants, hats, shoulder armor, arm armor, belt, and shoes. They are uniquely shaped with a very impressive design. Accordingly, you can collect puzzle pieces to unlock the complete unlock. Or use a large amount of feathers for a one-time purchase of your favorite outfit.

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Name ID Little Krishna
Updated On 13/07/2024
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Zapak
Size 95MB
New version 4.4.344
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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