Mad Royale io 2.006 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]
Mad Royale io 2.006 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

Mad Royale io 2.006 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

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Get the theme of tank war, combine io gameplay. The game Mad Royale io promises to open interesting matches. With unique gameplay, completely different from other tank themes. Especially will enjoy two different modes. With bright graphics, and fun activities, but no less dramatic. Here, you will be participating in the survival arena. With the appearance of mini tank machines. Compete against each other in real-time to find the champion. With the goal of winning in every arena to get rewards. Moreover, this game used 2D quality images. Create a cartoon-style space. The same simple control mechanism, and optimized usage for easy tank driving.

Mad Royale io MOD APK – Survival Battle Between Tanks

According to information provided by the game publisher Mad Royale io. The game has dozens of challenges for each level. With a lot of battles taking place on the battleground of survival. Become a commander, tasked with controlling the tank machine. Participate in matches to compete with other enemies. Those are chariots with the difference shown in color. Through real-time gameplay in the open arena. The tanks will be free to attack in their own way. But still, need to comply with the required regulations and conditions. Each fight lasts until the last tank remains in the arena. Or it can end sooner if you are shot down by the enemy first. That means it is impossible to achieve excellent results.Mad Royale io

Difficulty increases, terrain changes

After completing a tank war in Mad Royale io. Continue the match according to the new challenging level of the game. The difficulty will increase with changes in many factors. Not only the number of competitors more than before. That terrain will be changed more complex. A lot of different terrains are gradually unlocked by the system. This is one of the factors that makes you feel interested. But at the same time will have to get used to the dangers of new terrain. If you are not used to it, you will lose your advantage, making it easy for your opponent to defeat. Moreover, the reward received after each win match includes gold coins. The amount of money will correspond to the achievement in the competition. As shown by the number of enemies killed.Game Mad Royale io

In battle, the tank’s ability

The process of fighting in Mad Royale io. With survival gameplay in the fierce arena. The tank can fire up to 3 rockets at the same time. After each fire, the missile will be restored over time. Under the impact of the missile, the terrain will be deformed. At the same time, the armored machine can perform various actions. The wallet climbs rough terrain with a very good grip on the environment. Will not crash even at vertical angles, unless affected by enemy fire. In particular, it is possible to take advantage of the firing force from the firing to push the tank into the sky. Perform jumps in the air. If combined with flexible skills to attack, can accurately shoot enemies. With that advantage, it will be easy to win to become the champion.Tai Mad Royale io

Two game modes

As introduced at the beginning of the game Mad Royale io. There are two main game modes taking place. Includes survival mode and score competition. Each mode unlocks its own content, with different conditions given. If in survival mode with the participation of many tank machines in the terrain. The common goal is to overcome all opponents to become the last working tank. From there win to get a bonus. Entering the score competition mode will have completely different gameplay. Over time, your team and the opposing team will attack each other. After an opponent is shot down, the kill point will be added to the other team. Repeat this until the game is over. Based on that score will find the winning team.Download Mad Royale io

The control interface of Mad Royale io is arranged accordingly. Placed at the two corners of the screen for easy use. Here, through the left and right joystick move the tank. Can move forward or backward, depending on the position on the terrain. Likewise, the right side of the screen displays a joystick virtual joystick. Used to customize the firing angle of the cannon. Can rotate 360 ​​degrees in any situation.

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Name ID Mad Royale io
Updated On 18/06/2024
Requires Android 4.4
Size 88MB
New version 2.006
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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