Major Mayhem 2 1.205.2024011903 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money gems diamond, unlock all weapons]
Major Mayhem 2 1.205.2024011903 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money gems diamond, unlock all weapons]

Major Mayhem 2 1.205.2024011903 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money gems diamond, unlock all weapons]

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Continue the fight against the criminal forces of Major Mayhem. You will come to the second part of Major Mayhem 2 to participate in the battles. With many changed features, it will bring more attractiveness than before. From graphics, and sound to vivid shooting effects. Moreover, the task system is diverse and rich in content. In this second part, the content follows an interesting story. Major Mayhem and his girlfriend are enjoying a vacation. But as shown by henchmen and brutally spoiled their romance. To make them pay for their actions. Major Mayhem took action and went on the attack.

Major Mayhem 2 MOD APK – Accompany Major Mayhem in Attacks

Go on missions in the offline mode of Major Mayhem 2. The gameplay is similar to the previous part. With an intelligent shooting system, combining a simple combat mechanism. You will accompany Major Mayhem hiding behind objects. As well as taking advantage of the terrain to protect yourself safely. Choose the right time to attack the minions. After killing them will move forward. Go on a combat mission to shoot enemies and army vehicles in their base. Overcome each challenge in turn in a battle. At the same time rescue the hostage being held. From there will complete the task.Major Mayhem 2 APK

Quests by level

The battles in the game Major Mayhem 2 take place according to levels. Each attack is a level play about shooting missions. That process will have to perform a lot of different actions. As well as having to rescue hostages in many areas. From there will have the opportunity to receive gold coins to accumulate. However, the battle will not be easy. Because the minions are all equipped with advanced weapons. They will attack fiercely to take Major Mayhem’s life. That creates an extremely fierce match. To survive and complete the mission of a level. You have no choice but to attack and win.Game Major Mayhem 2

There are 4 locations

Complete missions to continue to move on to new attacks. When you reach a certain level, the system will unlock the battle location more vividly. Accordingly, the battle of Major Mayhem 2 takes place in 4 locations. Including in the ocean, in the jungle, in the desert, and on the Moon. Each location is simulated as a beautiful environment. Recreate the landscape to life to enhance the experience. Especially in each location is divided into many different areas. Continuing the fight after each level, the area will change to create a different scene. For example, on the ocean, you can perform missions on the coast and on an aircraft carrier.Tai Major Mayhem 2

Many elements change to increase the difficulty

Major Mayhem 2 ‘s level-by-level quests. The difficulty will increase after each attack at the new level. Many factors will change to increase the challenge. As well as causing you many difficulties in the implementation process. Besides the terrain and environment changes in another context. The minions appeared in greater numbers than before. Their abilities are superior, reflected in attack and defense. This makes you have to go through many fierce fighting actions. Moreover, when it comes to a certain stage, there is still a boss fight. With strength that surpasses ordinary minions. If you can’t destroy it, you will lose your life, which means the mission failed.

Hundreds of enemies, 5 bosses

The battle process in Major Mayhem 2. Will have to fight hundreds of dangerous enemies. For example ninjas, criminals, gangsters, and robots. Monsters are made from machines, and military vehicles such as tanks, and planes. Each enemy possesses a superior ability. Can attack violently with large amounts of damage. Also equipped with armor for defense. Moreover, you also have to fight 5 different bosses. They are the enemies that make the fight more difficult than ever. Because each boss has a unique attack style. At the same time, all power stats are greater than normal enemies.Download Major Mayhem 2

Modified MOD information of Major Mayhem 2

  • MOD Menu
  • Huge Amount Of Money
  • Huge Amount Of gems diamond
  • unlock all weapons
  • free purchase

Major Mayhem 2 has a diverse collection of weapons. More than 20 different guns for you to choose from. Examples include pistols, rifles, sniper rifles, shotguns, bazookas, and revolvers. More will be unlocked during the game. Each type is uniquely designed. At the same time possessing outstanding attack ability in its own style. However, to be able to unlock a new gun will have to trade. Through the bonuses accumulated from the wars. You can use it to buy guns in the collection.

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Name ID Major Mayhem 2
Updated On 11/06/2024
Requires Android 6.0
Publisher Rocket Jump Games
Size 83MB
New version 1.205.2024011903
MOD Info Menu, Unlimited money gems diamond, unlock all weapons
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