Make More 3.5.34 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]
Make More 3.5.34 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

Make More 3.5.34 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

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Can you control the work progress of the workers? Do you want to manage a large manufacturing plant? Come to the Make More simulation game with idle mechanics. Become a boss of the product factory. Your mission is to promote the workers and hire more people to work. The goal is to increase profits from the products created. With the dream of becoming a rich boss. Possessing a huge fortune based on the labor of the workers. This game is built in the style of business management. You have the power to make decisions to grow your business. Especially experienced in offline mode. But there will be some in-app purchases.

Description about Make More MOD APK – Factory Management To Increase Big Profits

Come to Make More become a boss. Own a large manufacturing factory. The task of making a lot of money is to become rich. According to the idle mechanism to earn money when participating. You just need to press repeatedly to motivate workers to work. Harness their labor to be able to create more products over time. From there earn a large amount of profit to continue to develop. Hire more new employees to increase output. Since then, more factories will be opened. With the product created more valuable, will earn more money than before. Help you become richer and richer. Gradually becoming an idle boss, owning a huge fortune.Make More

Work progress

Start working in Make More from a small-scale factory. You only have one worker working continuously. But the number of products created over time is not high. Therefore, the amount of money earned is very little. But after a while maintaining the job will accumulate a sum of money. It is possible to hire more workers to make your factory more productive. Increase work efficiency can earn more money. From there, continue to invest to make your factory grow more and more. Hire more workers, and help generate more output in a short time. At the same time constantly push to exploit their labor capacity. Help you earn a lot of money to get richer.Game Make More

Products by progress

Your factory in Make More can create many different products. But it is necessary to follow the rules of performing tasks according to the progress of the game. Go through the product levels in order. Start from the production of cookies in the first level. After completing the progress will continue to the 2nd level. At this point, you will create the golden duck product. There are many more like pink bears, skulls, blue elephants, and even cars. Each one is according to the mass production process. That means all workers in the factory will work together. Create a product category until the schedule is completed. At that time, the new factory will be unlocked.

Every time manage a new factory of Make More to create another product. It will take more time to execute. As the work progress will increase, a larger number of products will be needed. But according to that, the value of the product is also higher. Help you to earn more money to increase profits.Make More

There are many workers to hire

To quickly complete production schedules in Make More. Need to hire more workers. Accordingly, a factory can hire up to 9 workers. Through the use of profits earned, it is possible to hire various workers. Including workers, policemen, kings, thieves, and people dressed in tiger skins,… There are many more people who will be discovered by you when participating. Each worker is shaped in their own unique style. The difference between them is reflected in their appearance, costumes, and appearance. Moreover, each worker will need a different amount of money to hire them to work.Download Make More

Use the money earned during the production at Make More. It is also possible to upgrade many factors to motivate workers to work more efficiently. Or you can upgrade each worker, in turn, to speed up the work. Not stopping there, from time to time there will be opportunities to open gift boxes. Then will randomly receive equipment that increases speed many times for all workers in the factory. Help them be more productive so they can create more products. But it should be noted that enhanced equipment is only supported for a certain period of time.

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Name ID Make More
Updated On 21/05/2024
Requires Android 4.1
Publisher Bad Crane
Size 28MB
New version 3.5.34
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Update 21/05/2024 (2 days ago )