MOD APK – Cat Fighter  APK [Huge Amount Of Coins] 6.2.8 MOD APK – Cat Fighter  APK [Huge Amount Of Coins] 6.2.8 MOD APK – Cat Fighter APK [Huge Amount Of Coins] 6.2.8

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Do you want to participate in cat battles? Come to the game – Cat Fighter to immerse yourself in the exciting battle for survival. Based on the io-style gameplay built by the developer DGG.Network. You will be competing with other cats in the arena. Follow the open play to attack each other to eliminate the opponent from the field. The aim is to find the last cat alive to win and finish the match. Are you the last cat in existence? This will have to be very skill dependent. It is necessary to devise a suitable attack, as well as dodge and choose the time. Also combined with explosive power when achieved.

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The game’s graphics are built in a novel style. Through the foundation of 2D graphics to reproduce sharp image quality. But optimized to simplify, instead focusing on the game mechanics. Here the arena opened up in the vast sky. Surrounded by clouds and abyss. Besides, the arena is simulated with different terrain and colors. To increase the experience for all players when participating. The sound system of the game is reproduced nicely. Shown through the sound of interactions between cats in the arena. Or when increasing the size, the sound will be changed with a different – Cat Fighter MOD

Simple control mechanism

Features of the games are built in the form of io. The control mechanism is optimized for ease of use. Thereby simplifying the control feature to help players focus on the battle. Accordingly, you will adopt a virtual machine that is simulated in the form of a joystick. Simply tap, hold, and rotate to control the cat’s movement and navigation. Besides, there is also a cat paw icon. This is the power accumulated over time in battle. When stored to the maximum, the cat’s paws will create a burning effect. You just need to touch to unleash the power, thereby creating a huge thrust.Game – Cat Fighter MOD

How the game plays out and the rules

Get ready to participate in io matches in the game – Cat Fighter. Featuring 12 different cats in the arena. According to the competitive survival gameplay, there will be no allies, nor support from anyone. Each cat is a faction and fights with the goal of becoming the last man standing on the map. You are no exception, will be alone against 11 other cats. If you want to eliminate the opponent, you will have to create a thrust to make an impact, causing the opponent to fly out of the arena. The io battle will last until there is one last cat left on the map.

During the course of the battle, you do not necessarily have to eliminate all opponents by yourself. You can deploy your own strategy. Take advantage of the opportunity for other opponents to eliminate each other. Just dodge or find a way not to engage in skirmishes. Wait until the last moment in the arena left a few opponents. Now start attacking to increase the win rate higher.Tai – Cat Fighter MOD

The size corresponds to the opponent that has been defeated

Follow the rules of the game during competition between cats. The size will correspond to the number of enemies killed. Accordingly, each time you remove an opponent from the arena, your cat will grow in size. From there, the power is also improved, capable of creating more thrust. This will be a huge advantage when continuing to fight and face smaller-sized opponents. Can easily send opponents away on impact. From there will quickly eliminate more opponents to increase the size. As well as hard to be defeated before other opponents.Download – Cat Fighter MOD

Although size gives a huge advantage in the fight of – Cat Fighter. But skill is still one of the most important factors determining results. Accordingly, you need to move flexibly in the arena. Limit going close to the edge of the map, because even a small impact on the opponent will cause you to fall into the abyss. Besides, it can also be combined with explosive power when storing enough energy. From there, it will create a larger impact force than usual, causing the opponent to fly away as soon as it is used. Or you can even face a cat opponent larger than you.

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Name ID - Cat Fighter
Updated On 13/06/2024
Requires Android 5.0
Size 68MB
New version 6.2.8
MOD Info Unlimited Coins
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