Night of the Full Moon APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money, all characters unlocked]
Night of the Full Moon APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money, all characters unlocked]

Night of the Full Moon APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money, all characters unlocked]

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Night of the Full Moon is an engaging and addictive card game. Players embark on a mysterious and dark adventure in a magical world. In the game, you play as a young girl searching for her missing father in the forest on the night of the full moon. With beautiful graphics and a unique art style, Night of the Full Moon captivates players at first glance. You will venture into a mysterious and challenging forest. Additionally, Night of the Full Moon features a unique and complex storyline that leads you into situations filled with inner struggles and questionable decisions. You will encounter unforeseen circumstances and have to make difficult choices to progress. Get ready to confront magical forces. There’s no time to hesitate; join MODLMH in conquering this dark world and uncovering intriguing secrets!

Night of the Full Moon MOD APK – Destroy monsters

You will confront a series of fierce and magical creatures. From ferocious monsters to wicked sorcerers and other mystical creatures. Before entering battle, you will build a deck from the cards you have collected during your journey. Each card represents a particular skill or spell. You must choose carefully to create a solid and flexible deck. In battle, you will draw cards from your deck one by one and use them. These cards can be used for attacks, defence, healing, or other actions.

The monsters in Night of the Full Moon have various difficulty levels and characteristics. Each type of monster has its strengths and weaknesses. Players must learn how to fight against each type effectively. To emerge victorious, you need to be quick and strategically arrange your deck of cards. You must identify the necessary skills to deal with each monster and consider using spells to create powerful combos. The right choice of cards and tactics will determine your survival in intense battles. Defeating monsters earns you experience points and rewards, as well as valuable items and secrets. These rewards will help you upgrade your deck, allowing you to delve deeper into the mysterious journey of Night of the Full Moon.

500 cards to choose from

When building a powerful deck, you will experience the diversity and richness of over 500 different cards. Each card represents a unique skill, spell, or effect that allows you to customize and optimize your tactics for challenging adventures. This card system provides you with a range of opportunities and tactical choices. You can customize your deck according to your playstyle or change your deck in each battle to adapt to different types of monsters and special situations. By cleverly combining and stacking cards, you will develop solid and varied strategies that help you overcome complex challenges and progress in the mysterious journey of Night of the Full Moon.

Over 93 villains

Night of the Full Moon brings a diverse and terrifying array of villains. From wicked magic foes to ferocious monsters, these antagonists pose formidable challenges. They add a sense of tension and drama to your mysterious adventure. These wicked creatures await you in the dark forest. They possess strength and fierce attacking abilities, with agility and malice. Each villain in Night of the Full Moon has their characteristics and tactics, requiring you to use intelligent and creative strategies to deal with them. Defeating these villains is no simple task. However, it is also an opportunity to test your intelligence, tactics, and courage.

Combat alliance

You will become part of a solid and united team. The members will participate in activities and events together, such as fighting bosses or engaging in unique alliance missions. Through these activities, you can experience cooperation and teamwork in the game. One of the unique game’s unique features is the interaction and communication between members. You can chat, converse, and share information with other members, making connecting and coordinating in challenging battles easy. In addition to enjoying cooperative community activities, you also receive personal benefits. You can receive special rewards and gifts while receiving support and assistance from other members when needed.

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Name ID Night of the Full Moon
Updated On 07/06/2024
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Giant Network
Size 829MB
New version
MOD Info Menu, Unlimited money, all characters unlocked
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Update 07/06/2024 (7 days ago )