Phú Hộ Công Lược1.2.312 APK MOD

Phú Hộ Công Lược1.2.312 APK MOD

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Phú Hộ Công Lược1.2.312 APK MOD

Phu Ho Cong Luoc is a unique restaurant business simulation game. It takes players back to ancient feudal times and allows them to become talented restaurant owners. Phú Hộ Công Lược recreates a beautiful classical-style space. You can create and customize your restaurant with various designs, from architecture and decorations to diverse menus. Throughout the gameplay, you must manage the restaurant and meet customers’ needs, from wealthy noble families to ordinary people craving a sumptuous feast. In addition, you will also face challenges and opportunities to upgrade and expand your restaurant. Show your business acumen and create a prosperous restaurant in the ancient world of Phú Hộ Công Lược. Let’s join MODLMH in time-travelling to the prehistoric world right away!

Phu Ho Cong Luoc MOD APK – Journey back to ancient times to establish a business

The game begins with the scene of you time-travelling back to ancient feudal times. For some inexplicable reason, when you wake up, you find yourself as a lady from the past. Everything starts from here. Players will embark on their exciting business journey. You must build a restaurant from scratch, choose a suitable location, and design an attractive architecture to attract customers. With fresh ingredients and special recipes, you will serve delicious and unique dishes to your guests. In addition to managing the restaurant, you will encounter other interesting time-travel elements. You will meet ancient characters, from princes, princesses to various other characters. All of them create unique stories and events in your restaurant. From serving royal families to ancient poor customers, you must meet every request and create delicious meals for them. Your actions and decisions are significant. They will affect the lives and future of the characters. You must strive to become wealthy. Only then can you have a good life?

Open business system

As you progress in the game, you will receive opportunities and challenges to expand your business. You can open new restaurants, serve unique culinary locations, or expand the scale of your current restaurant to attract more customers. Implementing the right strategies and meeting customer needs will help you develop your restaurant into a reliable and famous brand, expand the restaurant, and upgrade facilities and equipment. Build new architectural structures and upgrade infrastructure to improve business efficiency. Collect resources and invest in supply chain management activities to best meet customer needs. Expanding your business requires specific plans and strategies. You need to focus on serving and satisfying customers while meeting the competitive demands of other restaurants.

Career development

Managing staff is an essential aspect of the game Phu Ho Cong Luoc. It helps you build and develop your restaurant into a great culinary destination. You can hire and train talented staff, from chefs to servers to janitors. When managing staff, you need to pay attention to the skills and abilities of each employee. Each person will have a suitable role for the tasks assigned to them. Chefs need to have cooking skills and prepare high-quality dishes. Servers need to have customer service skills and be quick on their feet. You need to invest in training employees to improve their skills and abilities. In addition to managing current staff, you can hire new employees significantly when expanding the restaurant and having more customers. Please choose the best candidates and maximise their talents to develop your restaurant.

Discover new places

Exploring new places is an exciting part of your journey. In addition to restaurants, there are many other attractive places. There are forests, temples…  These are also places where you will meet new characters. Along with that are their own stories. Investing in the environment has brought a variety of landscapes to the game. The player’s progress over time is a condition for the entire game’s exploration. Along with that, the amount of assets you own will also increase. It is the basis for comparing your leaderboard position with other players.

Another notable point of the game is the suspension system. It allows players to have a relaxing time. You don’t have to be present all the time. The progress of the game screen continues as usual. And you’ll still get achievements when you come back. It can be said that Phu Ho Cong Luoc has brought many engaging ancient experiences. This is not just an entertaining game. It also helps you understand the culture and life of the feudal period. Go back to ancient times and build your famous diner.

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Name ID Phú Hộ Công Lược
Updated On 07/06/2024
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher TTHOAGames
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New version 1.2.312
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