Piano Star 1.6.2 APK MOD [Unlocked]
Piano Star 1.6.2 APK MOD [Unlocked]

Piano Star 1.6.2 APK MOD [Unlocked]

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Piano Star is a fantastic music game. The game gives players the unique experience of playing piano on mobile devices. With a combination of music and interaction, this game contains a rich and varied musical world. This allows players to showcase their musical abilities and experience the joy of creating unique music. Piano Star has a beautiful and intuitive interface. Along with that are the piano keys displayed on the touch screen. Players can touch the keys to create sounds and create arbitrary music. The game offers a wide range of popular songs from various genres. You can unleash your creativity and performance. One notable feature of Piano Star is the tune-play feature. It allows you to play along to existing music and get the feel of performing on stage. You can try your hand at different difficulty levels. Also, improve your skills in hitting the right beat and creating great tones.

Piano Star MOD APK – A music game

With a wide range of unique functions and features. Piano Star creates a creative and exciting space for players to express their abilities. The interface of the music game is very intuitive and easy to use. The piano keys are arranged on the touch screen. Players can touch the keys to make sounds and create music they like. The tracks are divided into different levels. You are starting from easy to challenging to suit all levels of players. In addition to playing existing tunes, Piano Star also offers free-track creation. This allows you to be as creative and perform as you like. You can create your music by arranging the sounds and melodies to your liking. Open up a creative space and allow you to express your musical talents. Piano Star also has a recording feature. You will record the music you play and store it to share with friends or family. This helps you to capture musical moments and create memorable memories.

Skill upgrade

One of the critical ways to level up skills in Piano Star is by completing songs and quests. Each song is designed with different difficulty levels, from essential to complex. You will receive experience points and in-game currency when you complete a song. This helps you unlock many new features. Includes custom tracks and sounds. In addition, Piano Star also offers a tune-play feature. Participating in these interactive challenges helps you practice your ability to listen to music and beat the beat. You can improve accuracy and speed when playing music. Also, develop the ability to create more complex music. The skill upgrade system can also be related to creativity. Piano Star allows you to create freestyle music and record your work. You can experiment with sounds, melodies, and combinations to create unique music.

Available game modes

Play By Music: This is the primary game mode in the game. It allows you to demonstrate your ability to play music by playing along with available tracks. These tracks cover many different genres of music. The difficulty of the tracks is also adjusted to suit your level.

Freelance Track Creation: In this mode, you can be creative and create unique music. Use the built-in piano keys and sounds to create melodies and mixes to your liking.

Challenges and Special Events: The game often features limited-time challenges and special events. This helps you challenge your playability and earn extra unique rewards.

Unlock new songs

You will earn experience points and in-game currency. These rewards are your chance to unlock new songs. Each new song usually has its own difficulty and musical style. From popular pop music to great classical pieces. Unlocking new tracks can also involve completing different levels and challenges. When you complete a difficult level, you can unlock new songs. Or open up custom sound options. This allows you to create more creative music. In addition, special events and challenges often provide the opportunity for you to earn special rewards. It motivates you to participate in in-game activities. At the same time, you are creating an exciting environment for you to go far in music discovery.


Piano Star is a great music game that gives players a unique and enjoyable musical experience with an intuitive interface and a diverse design of game modes. This game is a fun way to show off your musical talent and a creative space to create unique music. Explore your extraordinary musical and creative abilities with MODLMH in the world of Piano Star.

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Name ID Piano Star
Updated On 09/05/2024
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Potato Games Studio
Size 60MB
New version 1.6.2
MOD Info Unlocked
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