PIXEL BLADE M 9.5.0 APK MOD [ Menu LMH, Immortality, Gold Injection, Free Upgrade]
PIXEL BLADE M 9.5.0 APK MOD [ Menu LMH, Immortality, Gold Injection, Free Upgrade]

PIXEL BLADE M 9.5.0 APK MOD [ Menu LMH, Immortality, Gold Injection, Free Upgrade]

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Become a warrior to participate in the battles of PIXEL BLADE M. Follow the role-playing gameplay combined with survival action. From there opens a journey to explore worlds in many different environments. Based on a competitive one-on-all combat mechanism. The hero will have to fight alone against waves of attacks from many types of monsters. The goal is to kill all of them to win, thereby protecting yourself and surviving. Through it also has the opportunity to discover many different types of weapons. As well as unlocking more equipment and skills after reaching enough levels. Especially the game is built on the foundation of pixel graphics. Created by pixels to simulate a unique environment.

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Explore many different worlds in this warrior adventure. Includes dark caves, towns, and more. Each world is recreated in different environments. Expressed through the objects and constructions created. Along with that is the appearance of many unique monsters in each environment. Pass each challenge in turn until a certain stage. At that time, the system will unlock a new environment to explore. For example, starting a journey on land in the town. After completing the combat missions. Now enter the dungeon adventure with new challenges waiting ahead.PIXEL BLADE M MOD

Quest System

Based on the content of the game to perform the task. Open up worlds with different environments. Each world is divided into several stages of survival combat. At each stage split into several waves of attacks from monsters. Accordingly, you will have to join the warrior to use the equipped weapon. Combine with skills and use support items. Relentlessly attack mobs of monsters to protect yourself. Destroy each wave of attacks in turn until all of them are passed. From there will complete the mission at one stage. Continue to the new stage with the increased challenge. Over time, go through the stages and face the boss in the final battle. After passing will be entered the journey in the new world.Ear PIXEL BLADE M MOD

Difficulty increased

Start the battle for survival in the next stage of PIXEL BLADE M. There will be many changing factors that make it difficult for the warrior to resist. Shown through waves of attacks from more monsters than before. At the same time, the number in each wave increases, making the match extremely intense. Not stopping there, there are also many enemies with superior abilities. From attack power to health and stamina. This makes you have to spend a lot of time attacking to be able to destroy. But besides that, it should be noted if it is not possible to prevent them. Will have to trade with both life and defeat.Download PIXEL BLADE M MOD


After winning and completing the mission at a stage. Based on achievements, expressed by the number of stars. Excellent completion will get a maximum of 3 stars. Also based on the difficulty of the stage participated. From there will receive gold coins with the corresponding amount and random equipment. Along with experience points to accumulate, when meeting the conditions will increase to a new level. Accordingly, complete the challenges in the next stages. The reward received will increase even more. It can be used for many different activities.

Many skills

To be able to excel in fights with monsters. In addition to using equipped weapons, it must also be combined with skills to fight diverse and powerful. Accordingly, there are many different skills such as shooting fireballs, fire arrows, armor piercing arrows. Or strengthen weapons to create great attack power. There are many other skills that will be discovered after joining. But to learn will have to meet the level requirements. Besides, it should be noted that in each battle, you can only choose 3 different skills to use to attack.Game PIXEL BLADE M MOD

Many weapons

There are many different types of weapons to equip characters in PIXEL BLADE M. Through battles to receive random rewards. Or unlock chests, purchased in the game’s store. From there you can own them to use more powerful attacks. Examples include normal swords, sharp swords, sabers, and many more. Each weapon possesses attributes with different stats. At the same time, it is possible to upgrade weapons to enhance combat ability. Here you can upgrade weapons up to 5 stars.

Besides, it is also possible to equip additional defensive shields. As well as many other parts of the body to customize the appearance. From there, increase the attack power, defense, speed, critical rate and some other stats.

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Updated On 11/06/2024
Requires Android 4.1
Publisher PixelStar Games
Size 71MB
New version 9.5.0
MOD Info Menu, Immortality, Gold Injection, Free Upgrade
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