Public Transport Simulator Mod Hack APK 1.35.4 (Unlimited Money)
Public Transport Simulator Mod Hack APK 1.35.4 (Unlimited Money)

Public Transport Simulator Mod Hack APK 1.35.4 (Unlimited Money)

By HN - 30/11/2022
Name LMHMOD Public Transport Simulator
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher SkisoSoft
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 46MB
Version 1.35.4
Category Simulation
Get It On MOD Google Play
Price FREE
Update 30/11/2022 (4 months ago )

Drive your bus to perform the job of a driver in the Public Transport Simulator Mod. Duty to carry passengers from the station to different locations. From there earn a bonus to develop your career. Unlock other vehicles or upgrade to increase efficiency. Accordingly, this game is an emulator. The content revolves around a bus driving on the street. Through that will enjoy attractive gameplay. As a driver, you need to secure your ride. Help all passengers get to their destination safely. At the same time, the driving process will enjoy a realistic traffic system. As well as having the opportunity to explore many different places in the city. There are many other features to be explored in detail.

Download Public Transport Simulator Mod – Bus Driver Carrying Passengers To Requested Location

Public Transport Simulator Mod simulates a realistic transportation system. Open up different routes connected to the stations. Along with that, display signs and traffic lights at the intersection. Simultaneously simulate buildings such as houses and shops. High-rise buildings, petrol stations, and more. Also open the highway, running through the forest. Incorporate realistic 3D graphics to reproduce sharp image quality. Create environmental conditions that change over time between day and night. Mix weather conditions in each location. Besides, there are traffic vehicles such as cars, sports cars, trucks, and more.Public Transport Simulator Mod APK

The process of performing the task

Perform bus driving duties in Public Transport Simulator Mod. Start by picking up passengers at the station. A routing table will then be given. Drive to different locations according to the route. At the same time, when you reach a certain place, you will have to stop by a gas station. From there refuel the bus to continue the journey. Driving must obey traffic laws. Be sure to follow the traffic lights rules and follow the warning signs. After a successful drive to the final destination. Drop the passenger off the bus, and from there will get the job done. Also, receive a bonus for career development.Game Public Transport Simulator Mod

Intuitive driving mechanics

The control mechanism of the Public Transport Simulator Mod is designed to be intuitive. With a properly organized interface. With optimized car control features. Makes it easy to use to operate the bus on the road. The game uses arrow keys and icons to navigate and increase and decrease the vehicle’s speed. Accordingly, it is also possible to turn on the turn signal to change direction before turning. Turn on lights when driving in dark environments. Limited vision and hard to see. Or use the wipers in heavy rain weather conditions. Simultaneously displays GPS distance and vehicle speed.Tai Public Transport Simulator Mod

Switching angles

To increase the experience during bus driving. Public Transport Simulator Mod provides many different perspectives. Can be flexibly switched to provide realistic viewing. As well as track the movement of the bus on the road. Example first-person view for driving from the driver’s position. Show a detailed dashboard inside the cockpit. The third-person view can be viewed from the rear. Observe the overall vehicle movement in detail. Or a fourth-person perspective for viewing from the car’s windshield. What’s more, the sixth-person perspective that will help you drive backward. When you can see the front of the bus.

Realistic bus system

After a while drive and complete the passenger transport missions. From there you can accumulate a large amount of money. They can be used to buy a new bus. Public Transport Simulator Mod game provides a diverse vehicle system. They are designed based on real-life car models. With a difference in style and performance. Expressed through travel speed, fuel consumption, and the number of passengers that can be accommodated. According to those parameters, the number of points to buy is also not the same. To own a bus with superior capabilities. Conditions will need to be met in order to operate them on the road.Download Public Transport Simulator Mod

Own your favorite bus in Public Transport Simulator Mod. Can be customized and upgraded to create a car of its own style. Through the choices provided by the game. From there you can customize the paint color of the car. Or upgrade performance to increase efficiency on the move. However, each upgrade will need to use the money to perform. At the same time, the amount to use in the next upgrade will increase.

Download Public Transport Simulator Hack APK 1.35.4 Android

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