Racing Go 1.9.8 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Free Shopping, Unlocked]
Racing Go 1.9.8 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Free Shopping, Unlocked]

Racing Go 1.9.8 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Free Shopping, Unlocked]

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Racing Go is a free racing game. Unleash competitive car races on the highway. Taking place in various locations, set in famous cities. Here, the content revolves around endless races. Takes you to a new level of the racing game genre with smooth mechanics. With a combination of beautifully simulated and vivid graphics. According to the built gameplay, will have to drive past other traffic. Simultaneously compete with rivals in real-time. Aiming to achieve high is shown through scores. Aim to reach the finish line with the top position to win. Besides, with a variety of game modes. Surely you will enjoy racing content according to many different rules.

Racing Go MOD APK – Highway Competition Car Race

Choose from 12 different cars provided by Racing Go. Those are the vehicles used to participate in the races. You can enjoy their operation on the road after unlocking. For example Monza MC, Fiero FT, Vega VO,… and many more. They are all cars inspired to design from reality. Each vehicle is realistically simulated and expressed through style and color. At the same time, the performance of each racing car is not the same. Evaluated through parameters such as speed, braking ability, acceleration, and speed when using Nitrous.Racing Go

Racing car upgrade

To be able to unlock your favorite racing car in Racing Go. It will be necessary to use the accumulated bonus to buy. Depending on the operation of each vehicle will require a different amount. Buying to own them will help you feel more excited when driving a new racing car. At the same time can be upgraded to improve performance. Accordingly, there are many different options such as engine, turbo, handling, nitro, and brakes. Each part plays an important role in the operation of the vehicle. For example, upgrading the engine will increase the power to accelerate the car and can reach greater speeds. Or the brake will slow down quickly for a short distance to promptly handle dangerous situations.Game Racing Go

There are 9 game modes

In order to diversify the gameplay for everyone when participating in the game Racing Go. The developer has provided 9 different game modes. Includes daily challenge, pull, takedown, auto series, online racing, free drive, time challenge, endless, and career. Each mode will open races according to its own content. Requires players to follow the given rules. More specifically, can enjoy the attraction in each mode. Through the system of rich tasks to perform. At the same time whether participating in any mode to race cars. After finishing a race and winning. Based on the achievement achieved will have the opportunity to receive valuable bonuses.Tai Racing Go

More than 750 missions and 200 online quests

Get ready for racing in Racing Go. With a diverse mission system waiting for you to explore. It needs to be done and completed to be able to explore the game content more. There are more than 750 different quests here, along with 200 online quests. Through the races according to each mode of participation. Compete with opponents on the road to show off your skills. Complete the challenges in each speed car race. At the same time go to the finish line with the top position to achieve the best performance. From there, you can complete tasks and receive attractive rewards. Continue to perform missions in new races. The difficulty will increase with the condition that the complete request is harder than before. Make you constantly improve your skills and improve yourself.

Race maps from cities

Racing Go ‘s racing map is simulated based on reality. Inspired by famous cities around the world. Including London, Paris, Moscow, Los Angeles, and Istanbul. There are some other locations that will be discovered after participating in the game. Each racing map opens up different routes. The difference between them is also reflected in the terrain and landscape. Along with that, environmental conditions are expressed through 3 factors. Includes day, night, and sunset.Download Racing Go

Modified MOD information of Racing Go

  • Mod Menu
  • Huge Amount Of Money
  • all cars unlocked

In the cities of Racing Go, there are many vehicles on the road. These are trucks, vans, coaches, buses, SUVs, and more. They are the obstacles that cause difficulties during your racing. Need to dodge, if a collision will cause the race to end early. That means losing the chance to win and not being able to complete the mission.

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Name ID Racing Go
Updated On 11/06/2024
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Wolves Interactive
Size 359MB
New version 1.9.8
MOD Info Menu, Free Shopping, Unlocked
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Update 11/06/2024 (3 days ago )