Raid Manager 1.8.304 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Gold, Gems]
Raid Manager 1.8.304 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Gold, Gems]

Raid Manager 1.8.304 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Gold, Gems]

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Raid Manager unleashes a challenging dungeon raid. Intense and fierce fighting, along with chaos will bring dramatic matches. Based on the content of the game, revolves around the war against the monster force. You can gather heroes to create an alliance of up to 5 people. Then lead them to participate in fierce battles. Not stopping there, going through dungeon raids will have the opportunity to discover many mysteries. At the same time will collect a lot of valuable loot to use to enhance their combat ability. Besides, the game recreates an extremely impressive fantasy world. Thanks to the quality 3D graphics and stunning visual effects.

Raid Manager MOD APK – Lead the Dungeon Raid Hero Alliance Team

The control mechanism of the game is a completely new design. Unlike similar games that revolve around the journey to raid dungeons. Here the displayed parameters of the heroes will be in the right corner of the screen. Below are different features to use in battle. For example, the hero’s unique fighting skills. Use a healing potion to restore lost health. Moreover, it is possible to turn on the Auto feature to automatically fight. At this point, you do not need to directly interfere in the game. Because the AI ​​system will perform various operations on its own to command the hero alliance to attack. Besides, the left corner of the screen shows the enemy force.Raid Manager MOD

Diverse hero system

The battles in the game are joined by many different heroes. Accordingly, the game provides a diverse character system. They are all warriors with their own unique set of attack skills. Divided into 6 groups including healers, magicians, defenders, and others. The difference between them is also reflected in the shape, appearance, costumes, and weapons used. Here each hero is equipped with 3 items, including weapons, armor, and accessories. At the same time, they also possess one of two attributes such as attack or defense. The abilities of the heroes are also shown through levels and stars. Experiencing battles in the dungeon will accumulate experience points to increase to new levels. Accordingly, it is possible to reach a maximum of 100 and 5-star levels.

The weapon system of the heroes used is very diverse. These include swords, spears, knives, flutes, horns, axes, and many more. Besides, there are many other types of equipment to use. In addition to the rings and costumes used. You can also use other accessories such as wings or defensive shields.Download Raid Manager MOD

Quests by level

Get ready for a raid on a dungeon in Raid Manager. Through challenging games, levels await ahead. Each level opens a fierce and fierce battle in the arena. Lead your team of heroes to attack enemy forces. Use their skills to deal damage to enemies. Repeat this until you beat them all to wipe them out. From there will win and complete the assigned task in a level. Also, have the opportunity to receive valuable loot such as gold coins and equipment.Tai Raid Manager MOD

Difficulty increases with many variable factors

Continue deeper into the dungeon to raid the next levels. Then there will be bigger challenges than before. Accordingly, the difficulty will increase with many changing factors. Will have to fight with more dangerous and fearsome enemies. They have improved combat ability, shown through attack and defense. Moreover, when it comes to a certain stage, you have to face bosses. Possesses a combat ability that surpasses ordinary enemies. At the same time has a large body size and a fierce attack style. This will make you more difficult to beat. But the rewards received after winning will be very valuable.Game Raid Manager MOD

Through the dungeon raids that take place in the game Raid Manager. Will face a lot of different enemies. Similar to heroes, enemy forces are equipped with unique weapons. At the same time possessing the ability to fight in its own way. For example, archers physically attack with sharp arrows. Mages use magic to deal damage. There are many other enemies that will be encountered when facing. Moreover, you have to face the boss attack. It was a warrior wearing iron armor or some other large size.

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Name ID Raid Manager
Updated On 09/05/2024
Requires Android 6.0
Publisher Next Phase
Size 318MB
New version 1.8.304
MOD Info Unlimited Gold, Gems
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Update 09/05/2024 (1 month ago )