Rainbow Friends, Rope Game 1.16 APK MOD [Unlocked]
Rainbow Friends, Rope Game 1.16 APK MOD [Unlocked]

Rainbow Friends, Rope Game 1.16 APK MOD [Unlocked]

By The Toan - 25/12/2023 (4 months ago) - 108MB
Name Rainbow Friends, Rope Game
Updated On 25/12/2023
Requires Android 6.0
Publisher Zego Global Publishing
Size 108MB
Version 1.16
MOD Features Unlocked
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Update 25/12/2023 (4 months ago )

Rainbow Friends, Rope Game simulates a large city. Revolving around the war in open gameplay. The content takes place according to a city defense story. Through role-playing as a character in the game, people call it a rope hero. Mission against gangsters, and dangerous criminals. By attacking to defeat them. In order to prevent the plot to control and dominate the city. This game is designed with stickman-style characters. Along with the combination of sharp 3D graphics. Bringing realistic images, and recreating a vivid environment. Also, have the opportunity to explore unknown places in the city. As well as using various types of power to perform offensive actions.

Download Rainbow Friends, Rope Game MOD APK – Fight the Gangs To Protect the City

Discover the story of Rainbow Friends, Rope Game. For the existence of a future city without war. Just as civilization is developed to bring a good life. The rope hero will have to participate in the war to protect everyone. Because in modern times, the appearance of gangs has turned everything upside down. The gangsters are under the dominion of mafia bosses. They have attacked buildings, offices, and construction sites in the city. Aim to take everything to gain domination. Now, only one hero possessed superior combat ability. From there, you can fight the enemy, and protect the citadel from criminal gangs.Rainbow Friends, Rope Game

Ability to shoot wire, stickiness

Play as a rope hero in Rainbow Friends, Rope Game. Is a dummy character with facial expressions. Designed to look in blue style. Possesses a long rope to throw at any object within a certain range. For example, the wall of high-rise buildings in the city. After retracting the rope, you can fly in the air. At the same time, the rope hero also possesses another extremely special ability. It sticks to everything, even vertical walls are easy to move. Take advantage of that ability, combined with the equipped rope. It will be an advantage to be able to overcome any terrain during the city exploration.Download Rainbow Friends, Rope Game

Hero Powers

The quest takes place in the game Rainbow Friends, Rope Game. Will have to rely on the strength of the rope hero to fight. With a lot of different skills used to attack. Includes shooting lasers from the eyes, dealing damage from a distance. Use your hands to create purple energy balls. Punch the ground with the ability to create fire. Or gather power to create a giant energy ball. Or use a seismic attack by punching the ground. Based on the above 5 strengths. Can be done at any time to attack, to destroy dangerous enemies. At the same time, you can use jumping skills to fly into the air at a certain height.Rainbow Friends, Rope Game

Open gameplay, collect coins

The gameplay of Rainbow Friends, Rope Game in an open forum. In the huge city with dangerous enemies. The rope hero will have to perform combat missions. As well as the freedom to explore the city without restrictions. It is possible to move with an unlimited range to learn about unknown places. However, no matter where they move, they become the target of attacks by criminals. Use your own power to destroy them. Then there will be a chance to collect bonuses and weapons. Over time, it is possible to accumulate large amounts to unlock many new equipments.

Media control

To increase the experience during the quest at Rainbow Friends, Rope Game. You can control vehicles moving in the city. With so many different types on offer. Cycling on roads with complex traffic systems. Drive a motorbike at high speed, and participate in the race. Even control armored tanks to move, and attack with cannons with great destructive power. There are many other vehicles that will be unlocked with accumulated coins. Or use them for free by finding them at several locations in the city.Game Rainbow Friends, Rope Game

The rope hero in Rainbow Friends, Rope Game can also use weapons. Includes guns found in the course of the mission. They are dropped by enemies after being destroyed. Or buy in the game’s store. From there, there will be many different types of guns to equip. Each type has its own unique attack style. Used to fire bullets, the advantage of attacking from a distance. Quickly destroy to complete the mission. As well as survive the dangers of criminal gangs.