Robot Fighting 2 3.0.5 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]
Robot Fighting 2 3.0.5 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

Robot Fighting 2 3.0.5 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

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Do you know the show that revolves around the battle between steel robots battlebots and armored vehicles robot wars? Inspired by that was the premise for the publisher Real Fighting to build into a game. It’s Robot Fighting 2 game with action gameplay. Open fierce fights in the arena. With a combination of armored vehicles controlled by radio waves. Accordingly, you will be able to manually create an indestructible minibot. Then join the death arena. Compete with other mech robots and armored vehicles. This game is experienced in offline mode. Completely free to play by yourself. Or you can also play in PvP mode to compete with other players.

Robot Fighting 2 MOD APK – Build Your Minibot To Join The Wars

Build a minibot armored vehicle in Robot Fighting 2. Through different equipment and parts to form. Then participate in the battles in the vast arena. Compete with other mech robots and Dinobot enemies. Adopt a radio control system to operate your minibot. Use the virtual joystick to navigate and move. With a touch mechanism at any point, it will be easy for you to do. The equipped weapon will use itself upon impact. Not stopping there, you can also use special energy to increase speed. Displayed as a lightning bolt icon. But it should be noted that it can only be used for a limited time.Download Robot Fighting 2

Gameplay and skills

Get ready for the battles in Robot Fighting 2. On an open arena, surrounded by a large audience. According to the open gameplay, you can control the minibot to move freely. Attack in your own style. Through causing a direct impact on the opponent. Thereby making them reduce their health, when depleted, they will successfully destroy.

According to the gameplay mentioned above, it takes your skills. Use the control system flexibly. Observe the situation unfolding in the arena. As well as tracking the position of other mech robots to deploy the appropriate attack. Move with fast speed and dash directly to create a strong impact. Make use of objects in the arena like wooden crates and fire extinguishers. Thereby creating more opportunities to cause the opponent to lose a large amount of blood. Make your mini bot destructible to win.Game Robot Fighting 2

Quests for each battle

The mission system of Robot Fighting 2 takes place according to each battle. Each match unfolds in an arena. You need to destroy the enemy with the required number. Through the control of minibot attacks and destruction. Show skills to be able to defeat each opponent in turn. From there will win and complete the mission. Based on difficulty and achievements. You will receive the corresponding amount of resources.

During the course of the mission, you will have to fight many different enemies. The difference between them is reflected in the design style. At the same time, the enemy is divided into two types, including mech robots and armored vehicles.Robot Fighting 2

Incremental challenge

Coming to the next war of Robot Fighting 2 game. Missions and challenges will increase, making it difficult for you to complete them. Accordingly, it will have to fight a larger number of mech robots than before. Their capabilities are improved with superior weapon and defense equipment systems. Not only that, the match was much more intense. Enemies will not stop attacking, putting your minibot in danger. But besides that, winning will help you get a larger amount of resources.

There are 15 minibosses to fight

In Robot Fighting 2 there are 15 different minbots for you to explore. Choose to own a minibot that you love. Then you can customize the parts to personalize your own style. Through armor and weapons to improve. Moreover, it will enhance outstanding combat ability. Shown through stats including health, attack, defense, and weight. Each element plays an important role in the arena. For example, a high defense will help the vehicle withstand a lot of intense impacts. Or heavier weights will be harder to tip over.Tie Robot Fighting 2

There are many types of weapons for you to equip the minibot in Robot Fighting 2. Examples include saw blades, drill bits, axes, and more. Each type will bring its own attack style. Besides, the armor also has many options. Includes heavy sharp armor, light armor, and more. However, it should be noted that in addition to the equipment used by default. The rest will have to be unlocked with new resources to be able to own.

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Name ID Robot Fighting 2 - Minibots 3D
Updated On 11/06/2024
Requires Android 6.0
Publisher Real Fighting
Size 68MB
New version 3.0.5
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Update 11/06/2024 (2 weeks ago )