Sharpshooter Blitz 2.0.2 APK MOD [Get Rewards, No Ads]
Sharpshooter Blitz 2.0.2 APK MOD [Get Rewards, No Ads]

Sharpshooter Blitz 2.0.2 APK MOD [Get Rewards, No Ads]

By The Toan - (Period 5 months ago)

Mixed action gameplay and shooting. The game Sharpshooter Blitz opens the quest to destroy the enemy. Through the role-playing of an agent. Use the equipped gun to start the journey. The goal is to shoot down all the enemies to complete the mission. Overcome challenges at each level. From there prove the skills to become a professional agent. Follow the process of learning about the content of this game. Completely free to play in offline mode. After downloading can start immediately. Moreover, this game is combined with a puzzle theme. Each level is a shooting puzzle to take. Requires many factors such as skill, accuracy, and first attack target selection to be able to protect yourself.

Description about Sharpshooter Blitz MOD APK – Shooting Game Revolving around Crime-Killing Missions

Sharpshooter Blitz is a simple shooting game. From a first-person perspective participate in the task. Aim to shoot down enemies at various locations within locations. Here, you will have to fight dangerous criminals and gangsters. They are equipped with modern and advanced weapons. Along with the game rules, the system is built in the form of a puzzle. As an agent who uses a gun as an offensive weapon. You can only pull the trigger to open fire with a limited amount of ammo. From there it is necessary to destroy all enemies in each challenge to complete the mission. Also, have the opportunity to receive valuable rewards to use to improve their combat ability.Sharpshooter Blitz

System of quests and rewards received

As introduced about the mission system of Sharpshooter Blitz. The game unfolds in levels. The ultimate aim in each level is to shoot down all the enemies. Accordingly, be ready to participate in each shooting challenge. Test your skills in puzzle gameplay. Try to shoot down all enemies with limited ammo. Complete the mission to wipe out crime and achieve excellent results. Based on achievement points such as headshot and number of enemies shot down. From there will have the opportunity to receive attractive rewards. At the same time, percentage points will be accumulated. Based on that, go through the levels to accumulate 100%. Then will unlock a new gun. Can be used to continue the quest in the next puzzle.Game Sharpshooter Blitz

The challenge increases after each level

Show off an agent’s skills to complete missions in Sharpshooter Blitz. Will continue to step into new levels of the game. The difficulty from there increases with many variable factors. From the number of crimes, terrorism appears more than before. Until the place opens in another context. Make you face many challenges and difficulties to overcome. Furthermore, the enemy’s abilities will be improved. Can intelligently attack and hide behind objects. According to the increasing difficulty after each completed mission. From there will learn more experience. As well as improving shooting skills. Can attack targets quickly. Finish the match in the shortest time, and achieve excellent results to prove yourself.Ear Sharpshooter Blitz

Unlock new guns

As introduced about the weapon system of the game Sharpshooter Blitz. Those were the guns used as attack tools. However, unlike games with similar themes. Instead of using the bonuses received after the missions to buy. Here you will have to accumulate percentage points to unlock. The completed challenges in turn accumulate. After enough will open a new gun to use on the next mission. For example, some weapons in the game such as pistols with many types. The difference between them is reflected in the style. With its own unique design, it will increase your experience.Download Sharpshooter Blitz

Sharpshooter Blitz recreates the environment in a dark space. Use 2D graphics to simulate the scene taking place in shooting locations. Along with shaping the enemy in many different styles. They are equipped with weapons like axes and guns to attack you. Along with that is the context that opens up in many locations. From areas outside the corridor, on the street, in the house, to on the balconies and rooftops of high-rise buildings. Along with that is the sound quality. The excitement throughout the task performance. Open background music makes you feel more excited. Combining the sound of gunfire every time the trigger is pulled is reproduced very realistically.

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Name ID Sharpshooter Blitz
Updated On 01/01/2024
Requires Android 6.0
Publisher Kwalee Ltd
Size 77MB
New version 2.0.2
MOD Info Get Rewards, No Ads
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Update 01/01/2024 (5 months ago )