Smashy Duo 5.3.4 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

Smashy Duo 5.3.4 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

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Smashy Duo 5.3.4 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

Fight with heroes against monsters in the game Smashy Duo. Follow the action gameplay built content based on the baseball theme. You will control two heroes in the process of fighting against dangerous enemies. The goal is to beat them to increase the kill score and get a higher score. From there, prove your skills with achievements and receive valuable rewards. This game is played in offline mode. With a series of unique features provided by the system. From the diverse hero system to the power used to support the attack. More importantly, you can also share your achievements on social networks. But if you want to use this feature, you will have to connect to the internet.

Smashy Duo MOD APK – With Two Chosen Heroes Against the Crowd of Monsters

Based on the physics of hitting the baseball to perform the action to attack the enemy. On a street separated by a fence. You will be accompanied by two heroes standing behind the fence and on both sides separated by road markings. Accordingly, perform ball hits toward the crowd of monsters that are outside to attack. Soon the ball will randomly return to either hero’s side. Based on a simply designed control mechanism without instructions. You just need to make a precise tap on the hero on the side where the ball returns. From there continue to perform new hits to attack the enemy to increase the kill score. Conversely, if the choice is incorrect, it will mean that the hero will not slip and lose his life.Smashy Duo MOD

Story mode

Do quests according to the game’s story. Unlock unlimited gameplay against monsters. The mechanism of action is as described above. Your goal is to defeat the monsters outside the fence. Try to get as many kills as you can to prove your skills. Here, each match will last until one of the two heroes catches the ball. Then the match will end and there is a chance to receive a random reward when the conditions are met. The progress of the fight, based on the number of kills achieved, can be viewed through the progress bar. When maxed, the speed and power will be doubled. But can only strengthen for a certain period of time.Game Smashy Duo MOD

Campaign mode with more than 50 challenges

Coming to the campaign mode of the game Smashy Duo. Unlock more than 50 different challenges to test your heroes’ abilities. Through staged battles to go on a quest to attack monsters. Accordingly, you must defeat many enemies to qualify for the score. After that will continue to come with new challenges, and the difficulty also increases from there. Need to destroy more enemies by making accurate baseball shots. At the same time will have the opportunity to adventure through many different areas not only on the street.Tai Smashy Duo MOD

Against bosses

In addition to the battles against hordes of monsters that take place in the regions. Two selected heroes will have to fight bosses in challenging skirmishes. Possesses strength that surpasses ordinary enemies. Bosses have a large amount of health, huge size, and superior defense stats. This will make the two heroes more difficult to defeat. Needs to make precise attacks and take longer to kill. But after defeating the boss will have the opportunity to receive many valuable rewards.

Use 5 support power

The process of taking place battles against terrifying monsters. You can use 5 different powers to assist the two heroes in the attack. Includes fireball, lightning ball and others. Each power will bring a special ability when used. For example, fireballs can burn and spread to multiple enemies at once. Likewise, the lightning ball will create powerful electric waves to deal damage to multiple monsters. That will cause them to be destroyed quickly.Download Smashy Duo MOD

Here Smashy Duo has more than 100 heroes. Divided into small groups, each group consists of 2 heroes. They are shaped in their own style and use different weapons to perform attacks. Includes a hockey hero hitting the ball with an iron, and a teacher throwing a book to attack. Ninjas use swords, children use bottles, pirates use swords and more. For example, magicians, monks, Egyptians, cowboys, etc. To be able to accompany heroes of different styles in battles. Needs to be unlocked through completing quests.

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Name ID Smashy Duo
Updated On 14/07/2024
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher Big Frost Games
Size 80MB
New version 5.3.4
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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