Stickman Ghost 2 8.1.4 APK MOD [Immortal]

Stickman Ghost 2 8.1.4 APK MOD [Immortal]

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Stickman Ghost 2 8.1.4 APK MOD [Immortal]

Ready to fight in a fantasy world of Stickman Ghost 2. Follow the role-playing gameplay that combines action elements. Open a journey to explore the vast universe with different planets. The content of the game revolves around the battles between stickman characters. You will play as a hero to fend off waves of attacks from enemies. Also, stop the boss at some stage and prove skill by killing. Through that will have the opportunity to receive rewards to unlock many features. With a diverse weapon system provided to choose from. Along with that are powerful attack skills to use during combat. Moreover, you can also receive support from pets of many different species.

Stickman Ghost 2 MOD APK – Stickman War To Explore Planets In The Universe

Follow the action gameplay that takes place in dramatic battles. Become a stickman hero possessing various abilities. Use weapons to fend off waves of dangerous enemies. The process can use 2 types of weapons such as guns and swords with their own advantages. For example, the gun fires bullets to attack enemies from a distance. The sword can fight flexibly when surrounded by enemies. Besides, you can also perform skills from basic to advanced. For example, performing attacks with bare hands, punches, and kicks. Or use weapons and glide at fast speeds, further creating sharp blades for long-range attacks. At the same time, you can also use the health potion to restore the lost health.Stickman Ghost 2 MOD

Level missions on each planet

Follow the content of the game to go on an adventure quest. Open the journey to explore many different planets. Each planet is divided into stages by level. Each level splits into multiple waves of attacks from enemies. Adopt a horizontal perspective to fight against waves of enemies. Use equipped weapons, and combine skills to attack. Destroy them to protect yourself, find a way to survive, and perform the assigned task. After wiping out all the attack waves will win, and also complete the mission at one stage. Based on achievements such as the number of enemies killed. From there will receive gold coins and gems with the corresponding amount.

Complete each stage in turn until the given time. Then it will be unlocked by the system to enter the journey on the new planet. These include cosmic black holes, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, and many more. Each planet is recreated with different environments and landscapes.Game Stickman Ghost 2 MOD

Difficulty increases and boss fights

The challenge will be bigger and bigger after coming to a new stage in Stickman Ghost 2. Accordingly, there will be many changing factors to make it difficult to implement. From the increased number of waves of enemy attacks to the appearance of more enemies in each wave than before. In addition, there are many enemies with stronger abilities. At the same time bring many different attack styles to take your life.

Especially when it comes to certain stages of the adventure. He also had to face an attack from a boss whose strength was far superior to the previous enemies encountered. Shown by a large amount of health, high damage attack, and huge size. Boss attacks more fiercely, making you face many difficulties and even at the expense of your life.Tai Stickman Ghost 2 MOD

Diverse weapon collection

Possess a diverse weapon system to equip heroes on the journey. Accordingly, you can choose guns, swords, and many other types to attack. Each weapon used will bring the ability to fight in its own way. For example guns with the advantage of attacking from a distance, by firing bullets to cause damage. Or a sword with the advantage of melee attacks can create slashes to damage multiple enemies at once. Here are some of the weapons in the game. Examples are Sword, Giant Sword, Shuriken, Double Blade, Pistol, Shotgun, Laser, and Mega Buster. Much more to be discovered in the game store. You can also use the money to upgrade weapons.Download Stickman Ghost 2 MOD

In addition to the weapon system of the game Stickman Ghost 2. Heroes can also use many different skills to attack enemies. For example Iron, Major, Santa, Assassin,… and many more. Each skill will bring its own special ability after use. At the same time, they are combined with weapons that will create extremely powerful attacks. But to be able to use it in battle will have to learn. Through unlocking each skill in turn. After that, you can also upgrade to strengthen.

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Name ID Stickman Ghost 2
Updated On 15/07/2024
Requires Android 6.0
Publisher Unimob
Size 102MB
New version 8.1.4
MOD Info Immortal
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