Tank Robot 4.2 APK MOD [God e, Dumb Enemy]

Tank Robot 4.2 APK MOD [God e, Dumb Enemy]

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Tank Robot 4.2 APK MOD [God e, Dumb Enemy]

Tank Robot takes place in the transforming robot wars. Set in a huge city. Your mission is to fight the enemy robots. Sweep the whole thing to win. Accordingly, you will have to perform tasks in different modes. With a series of difficult challenges to overcome. Face countless dangers to prove your skills as a robot warrior. Moreover, participating in the game also enjoys many interesting features. Robot warriors can also transform into vehicles. Besides, the game uses 3D graphics. With the shape of transforming robots in cartoon style. Incorporating live sound, expressed through the activities that take place during play.

Tank Robot MOD APK – Control Transforming Robots to Perform City Missions

The content of Tank Robot revolves around the war between transforming robots. Accordingly, you can experience the diverse transformation mechanism of each robot. Can transform into many different shapes such as tanks, buses, cars, and fighter planes. Through that to compete against enemy robot forces. No support from teammates or any other alliance. Will have to perform the task alone in the vast city. Find ways to survive fierce attacks. The goal is to wipe out all enemy robots by killing them. Through the weapon system attack in the form of shooting. From there win to receive valuable rewards.Tank Robot

Career mode

Get ready for battles in Tank Robot ‘s career mode. Perform tasks according to each level provided by the game. Each level opens a shooting battle against enemy robots. Your mission is to accompany the transforming robot. Resist the onslaught to survive. Show your skills to shoot down the entire enemy robot force in the city. From there will win to receive a bonus, which is the gold coin. Based on the difficulty of the participating level, as well as the achievements. Then you will receive a corresponding bonus.

After completing a mission, continue to the next level. There are many changes to increase the difficulty of the game. Make the battle against robots more fierce and intense than before. Accordingly, the number of enemy robots that need to be destroyed will increase. At the same time, their fighting ability is also improved.Game Tank Robot

Bus racing mode

Come to Tank Robot ‘s bus racing mode. The robots transform into buses to participate in the race. Compete with each other on city routes. The gameplay is similar to other racing games. But it incorporated more shooting mechanisms during racing. This creates an extremely attractive action race. But parallel to that is the drama between the buses. Your mission is to overcome all opponents. Reach the finish line with the lead to win, thereby becoming the champion.Tai Tank Robot

Jet flight and flying car mode

In addition to the two modes mentioned above of the game Tank Robot. It is also possible to participate in two other modes. Includes jet combat and flying car driving. Each mode will open up competition in its own style, reflected in the gameplay. Requires you to comply with the conditions set forth in each mode. But the difference between these two modes is the combat environment. It takes place in the vast sky. With robots that transform into jets and cars equipped with flying systems. From there, compete to classify winners and losers. Requires your control skills to defeat the opponents.

Many transforming robots

There are many types of robots in the game Tank Robot. The difference between them is shown through shaping. As well as bus, tank and jet morphs. Depending on your choice, it is possible to accompany a favorite transforming robot. Moreover, the game also offers a feature to customize the prominence. Through the color system such as blue, green, red, and orange.Download Tank Robot

Tank Robot ‘s robot war follows the open gameplay. During the battle can move freely. As well as use a variety of weapons to unleash attack in your style. The control system is simulated in the form of icons. You can choose to perform different actions. For example fly, punch, kick, shoot a gun, shoot a rocket attack. As well as transforming into different forms to fight. Accordingly, it is necessary to combine flexibly and use appropriately in each situation. This will increase your chances of winning.

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Name ID Tank Robot
Updated On 05/07/2024
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Radiant Games Studio
Size 80MB
New version 4.2
MOD Info God Mode, Dumb Enemy
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