The Dark Book 4.0.3 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Immortality, Unremoved Item Bag, Rage Always On, XP Injection, Gold Injection]
The Dark Book 4.0.3 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Immortality, Unremoved Item Bag, Rage Always On, XP Injection, Gold Injection]

The Dark Book 4.0.3 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Immortality, Unremoved Item Bag, Rage Always On, XP Injection, Gold Injection]

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Adventure in a fantasy world of The Dark Book. Follow the story of the game to go on a quest to find the magic book. Accordingly, you will have to fight a lot of dangerous enemies on the journey. With countless difficult challenges to face and even at the cost of life. Here, you will play as a dry skeleton to enter a challenging adventure. Perform specific tasks given, only after completing will receive rewards. At the same time have the opportunity to explore many different locations in a large fantasy world. Especially there is a chance to collect valuable loot. As well as support items to help the character recover health after fierce battles.

Description about The Dark Book MOD APK – With Dry Skeletons In The Adventure To Find The Magic Book

The setting opens in a dark land called Morghoth. Under the domination of the dark forces, they used the magic book to awaken the forces of the soul. Accordingly, you will play the role of a dry skeleton to start the journey. The mission is to stop the dark forces to bring back the light. Through various activities and performing assigned tasks. From there search for the magic book to make the soul force disappear. During that process will have the opportunity to meet many friends and NPC characters. But at the same time will have to fight a lot of scary enemies.The Dark Book MOD

Perform various missions

Start your journey to find the magic book in a town in the dark. Accordingly, it will have to perform various tasks given specifically. For example, looking for an NPC character to talk to Reaper. Get Narako’s Green Amulet near a puddle in the cemetery. Get the Red Amulet near a grave in the cemetery. After completing, will find Narako to talk to, and from there report the completion of the mission. At the same time receive gold coins with the corresponding amount.

Continue to the next quest with increased difficulty. The system will make more challenging requirements. Make it difficult for you to complete. But besides that, the gold coins received after completing the quest will increase larger than before.Game The Dark Book MOD

Explore many places

Experience the adventure in the story-driven game The Dark Book. There will be opportunities to explore various locations in a vast fantasy world. Includes a night town, a hot desert, a dark dungeon, and a frozen snowy region. Each location is recreated with a different environment. That difference is also reflected in the weather conditions and the surrounding landscape. For example, in the town under the cover of darkness, this place is actually a scary cemetery area. Or the dune desert, under the scorching sun that makes the weather conditions harsh.Tai The Dark Book MOD

Fight against many enemies and bosses

Adventure through locations in search of the magic book. Accordingly, the dry skeleton will face a lot of different enemies. Examples include Goblins, Zombies, mummies, monsters, creatures, and many more. Each type of enemy is fearsomely shaped and has a different size. The difference between them is also shown in strength. From the ability to attack in combat, to stamina and health. Not stopping there, sometimes you have to fight the boss. Possessing a superior ability, the boss will make dry skeletons difficult to defeat. You will even lose your life if you can’t defeat the boss.

Equip weapons, shields, and helmets

The combat strength of the dry skeleton will be based on the equipment used. Here can equip weapons, helmets, and shields for the character. Each type will have many different options. Weapon examples include swords, axes, knives, and more. Or shields are made of metal, wood, and other materials. The difference between them is also shown in shape and size. Accordingly, each equipment also has its own characteristic indicators. Includes weight, damage, defense, and amount.Download The Dark Book MOD

The course of the adventures of the dry skeleton at The Dark Book. Various types of skills can be used to fight. For example attack from a distance with a fireball to burn enemies. Use magic power to deal massive damage. Or use an ice shield to strengthen your defense for a while. Moreover, it is possible to use support items when needed. For example, use a health potion to restore lost health. Or energy pot to restore mana after using skills.

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Name ID The Dark Book - 3D Action RPG
Updated On 16/05/2024
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher Michele Salvatore Bunetto
Size 118MB
New version 4.0.3
MOD Info Menu, Immortality, Unremoved Item Bag, Rage Always On, XP Injection, Gold Injection
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