The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt 10.2.4 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Premium ships unlocked, free shopping, unlimited money]
The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt 10.2.4 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Premium ships unlocked, free shopping, unlimited money]

The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt 10.2.4 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Premium ships unlocked, free shopping, unlimited money]

By The Toan - (Period 2 months ago)

Become a captain in the game The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt. Drive your ship across the seas of the vast ocean. The context of game opens in the era of pirates. The time when the black flag and white skull, and two swords in the shape of an X. You are also one of the pirates at sea. Don’t pass up the chance to grab the treasures. Through the act of stealing resources from other pirate crews. Aim to be a great pirate in the pirate world. Accordingly, a series of features are provided by the game. You will experience a lot of different missions. As well as performing upgrades, unlocking ships and improving attack power. What’s more, is to build a safe haven.

Description about The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt MOD APK – Drive a Boat On The Ocean To Perform Many Missions

Ready to become a ship driver and captain in The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt. Operate a ship on the ocean to explore new seas. Also, fight other pirates in the face. You can choose to ignore or fight for resources. Moreover, there will be a chance to find valuable resources floating on the sea surface. Help you collect into the warehouse to accumulate, from the transaction will sell a sum of money. In addition, there are many tasks to perform. It is impossible to avoid naval battles at sea. But at the same time, control the boat to bombard the enemy. You will get a lot more valuable resources.The Pirate- Caribbean Hunt

Explore the seas

Based on the open gameplay that takes place in the game The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt. A lot of vast unknown seas are waiting for you to explore. Can drive the boat to move to many different locations. On the vast ocean, there will be no stopping point when you are on an adventure. But it is possible to sail back to town to trade.

According to the information provided in the introduction of the game. There are hundreds of islands and dozens of attractions for you to explore. Each place is not only rich in environment and landscape. But there is also the opportunity to collect a lot of resources. But also face many challenges from the harsh environments.Game The Pirate- Caribbean Hunt

Battle in the ocean

The course of the sea war in the game The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt. Control your boat by turning the rudder. From there navigate to the equipped cannons to redirect the attack. Aim the target accurately and fire. Destroying the opponent’s boat will win. From there, there will be an opportunity to collect many resources that drop at the location of the sunken boat. Likewise, your boat can also sink if you don’t bombard your opponent. All resources earned without being able to trade will be taken away.

Distance and time are two factors to keep in mind in the fight. Each ship and weapon used will have a different attack range. Also, after each firing, it will take a short time to reload. In the process, the enemy can open fire to attack at any time. Therefore, it takes your skills, constantly moving to be able to dodge the fire from enemy ships.Tai The Pirate- Caribbean Hunt

There are 20 boats

In The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt there are 20 different ships. They are the means for you to go through the seas on the ocean. Designed in a unique style. Through the parts on board can notice the difference. Moreover, there are different length sizes and numbers of train operators. You can find out in detail the difference between the boats when participating in the game. But to be able to unlock a new boat, it will be necessary to use the money to buy it.

Construction of housing projects

From the pirated ocean resources of The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt. Through naval battles with opponents. You can use the collected materials to build houses. Along with many other constructions to create a safe haven. Accordingly, start by selecting an empty island. Building each building in turn, over time will complete a large shelter. Can drive the boat to rest in harsh environmental conditions. At the same time, it is necessary to upgrade the construction to improve certainty.Download The Pirate- Caribbean Hunt

Modified MOD information of The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt

  • MOD Menu
  • Premium ships unlocked
  • free shopping
  • unlimited money

There are 5 different types of ammo used in naval battles in The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt. Including shells, bombs,… and a few others. Each type will create its own special destructive power. But to be able to use them will need to spend money. Besides, there are many special weapons. For example, explosive barrels, and fuel oil create a large explosion to cause widespread destruction.

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Name ID The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt
Updated On 14/03/2024
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Home Net Games
Size 54MB
New version 10.2.4
MOD Info Menu, Premium ships unlocked, free shopping, unlimited money
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Update 14/03/2024 (2 months ago )