The Vikings 1.1.7 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

The Vikings 1.1.7 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

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The Vikings 1.1.7 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

The Vikings belong to the action game genre. Built to play based on the ax-throwing mechanism. The content revolves around the Viking battle for survival. Accordingly, you will use the ax equipped to throw to attack the enemy. The goal is to beat them all to survive for the longest time. To do that will require skill and precision. Target and throw the ax towards enemies quickly to destroy them before losing your life. Besides, it increases the fun when participating in the game. There are many unique features provided by the system. From the equipment used to enhance the ability. Until the game mode is built according to its own rules. Along with that is the unique visual and sound design.

The Vikings MOD APK – Ax Throwing Viking Survival Battle

Based on the action mechanism of the game takes place in the matches. You will become a Viking to perform survival combat missions. That process will stand fixed at a point in a large space. Use the equipped ax to throw an unlimited number to attack the enemy. Accordingly, just touch and drag to adjust the throw angle. Then release your hand to throw the ax at the enemy and attack. Although the usage is designed to be simple to bring about an easy attack mechanism. But if you want to destroy many enemies, you will have to have high accuracy. This depends on your skill in adjusting the angle of the ax. Moreover, you must constantly improve your skills to attack more effectively.Download The Vikings MOD

1 player mode

Coming to the single-player mode of the game. Here will have to fight enemies controlled by AI. There are no rules that need to be followed, nor are there any barriers to your actions. Accordingly, you will have to face attacks from many different enemies. They appear randomly at locations in space. Can be at a distance or near, as well as standing above or below your position. To be able to survive will have to quickly destroy the enemy before being hit and losing a life. The battle will last until you are destroyed.

The reward received is gold coins. The amount will correspond to the achievement achieved, expressed through the number of enemies killed and the number of hits on the head. Besides, the system also displays details of your evaluation parameters during the battle. Includes the odds of hitting the opponent with the ax, the number of red apples collected, and the number of axes thrown.Game The Vikings MOD

Against many enemies

The Vikings battle for survival in the game The Vikings. You will have to fight many different enemies. The difference between them is shown in the weapons and equipment used. For example, archers shoot arrows to attack from a distance. Or enemies use swords and sticks to rush to approach. Depending on the type of enemy will attack in its own way, it is necessary to give a suitable attack to quickly destroy. Besides, if they have additional support equipment, it will make you more difficult to defeat. For example, using helmets and shields will have to hit 2 or more times to be destroyed.Tai The Vikings MOD

2 player mode

In addition to the 1-player mode, you can participate in the 2-player mode. Here opens a battle for survival between you and another opponent. They are real players who are randomly connected and arranged by the system. Accordingly, two people will stand on two towers of different heights. Use the equipped ax to attack by throwing at the opponent. Whoever loses their life first loses, and the other person wins. The challenge in this mode is even more interesting as it continues to the new match. There will be more obstacles to hinder during the attack. For example, wooden crates are stacked and crossed. Makes it impossible for you or your opponent to attack the tax in the normal way.The Vikings MOD

To increase the endurance of the Vikings in the game The Vikings. It is necessary to equip items including helmets and shields. Each type of equipment has many different options. Because they are uniquely designed and carry their own tolerance. When used, it will improve the character’s defense with the corresponding parts. For example, the helmet protects the head, instead of throwing the ax exactly at that location, it will cause the character to lose his life immediately. Accordingly, you will lose your helmet and still be able to survive to continue fighting.

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Name ID The Vikings
Updated On 06/07/2024
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher BYV
Size 46MB
New version 1.1.7
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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