Tiny Dungeon: Pixel Roguelike 1.2.1 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

Tiny Dungeon: Pixel Roguelike 1.2.1 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

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Tiny Dungeon: Pixel Roguelike 1.2.1 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

Tiny Dungeon: Pixel Roguelike is an action role-playing game. Here you will become a character to enter the dungeon exploration journey. Mission against dangerous enemies in survival war. The goal is to wipe them all to win, thereby completing the assigned task. Then there will be the opportunity to explore new dungeons in many other areas. With many challenges waiting ahead. Besides, the game builds on pixel-based graphics. With image quality created by pixels. The combination of the dark environment in the dungeon is opened in many other contexts. Bringing you exciting dungeon adventures.

Tiny Dungeon: Pixel Roguelike MOD APK – Adventure Through Stages To Explore Dungeons

The adventure to explore the dungeon takes place in the shooting style. Role-play as a character to start the journey. Through stages to fend off attacks from waves of enemies. Use the equipped weapon to attack the approaching zombies, monsters, and demons. Fight non-stop to protect yourself. The goal is to wipe them all out and survive to win. From there will complete the mission at one stage. Then move on to the matches at a new stage with the increased challenge. Shown through the attack from the monster is more intense than before. Even had to fight the boss at some stages.Tiny Dungeon- Pixel Roguelike MOD

Open combat gameplay

Each stage will be opened in a dungeon divided into many areas. As the open action mechanism takes place, you are free to fight in your own way. Even move and attack against fearsome enemies. Show shooting skills, and combine flexible movements to destroy each enemy in turn. Then move on to another area with bigger challenges waiting. Successfully exploring all areas at one stage will complete the mission. After completing a stage, the achievement will be evaluated through different information. Includes the number of enemies killed and gold coins collected during the battle.Game Tiny Dungeon- Pixel Roguelike MOD

Collect gold coins to trade

Gold coins are the main currency used for in-game transactions. You can earn through collecting in battles. Accordingly, after each kills an enemy, they will randomly drop gold coins. Move to collect to accumulate, over time will own a large number. From there, it can be used for different trading activities. Unlock new characters, and buy weapons and other equipment.Tiny Dungeon- Pixel Roguelike MOD

Fight various enemies

Experiencing dungeon battles in MODLMH‘s Tiny Dungeon: Pixel Roguelike game. Will face many different enemies. For example dry skeletons, zombies, monsters, demons,… and many more. Each type of enemy is shaped in its own style. The difference between them is expressed in shape and size. Also, use your own unique weapons to attack. Besides, you also have to fight bosses with greater strength than normal enemies. Their ability is shown by their large size and huge amount of health. Especially with outstanding stamina and powerful attack.

There are 22 uniquely shaped characters

Currently the game has a total of 22 characters. They are all heroes shaped in different styles. The difference is reflected in the appearance, hairstyle, and unique color. These can be mentioned as The Astronaut, The Zombie, El Luchador, The Doctor, The Devil, … and many other heroes. Before starting your journey, you will be impersonated as a character that is unlocked for free. Later go on adventures to collect gold coins. Can be used to unlock many new characters. But it should be noted, depending on the character will require different amounts of money.Download Tiny Dungeon- Pixel Roguelike MOD

According to the information provided in the introduction of Tiny Dungeon: Pixel Roguelike. The game has more than 10 different weapons. They are all guns that are used for unique attacks. Examples include rifles, shotguns, laser guns, machine guns, revolvers, and others. Each gun is designed in its own style. At the same time possessing a unique attack ability. For example, rotating machine guns can fire bullets, laser guns create high heat rays. Or rifles with mobility will easily deploy attacks in any situation. However, to own new weapons will have to buy.

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Name ID Tiny Dungeon: Pixel Roguelike
Updated On 11/07/2024
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher FairGames
Size 78MB
New version 1.2.1
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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