We’re Impostors 1.7.3 APK MOD [Unlocked Skins]

We’re Impostors 1.7.3 APK MOD [Unlocked Skins]

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We’re Impostors 1.7.3 APK MOD [Unlocked Skins]

The We’re Impostors game revolves around imposters. Unleash an exciting action-packed adventure. With a lot of different missions taking place at each level of play. When you join, you will be accompanied by two impostors. It’s the red boy and the green girl. There will be different factors that need to be avoided and limited. Leading them to kill the crew in the spaceship. Also, rescue other fakers. Or go on murder missions to overcome the challenges. According to the adventure gameplay, the process will have to face many challenges. Dangerous traps and obstacles appear everywhere. Putting the two impostors in danger at any moment.

We’re Impostors MOD APK – Lead Two Imposters in Action Adventure

The gameplay of We’re Impostors is interestingly designed. Alone you will have to accompany two fakers at the same time. Accordingly, they will have to work together to overcome challenges. Through smart moves to kill each person’s designated targets. Sometimes will have to solve puzzles in the process of overcoming traps. As well as using the control system to pave the way for the remaining fakers. Or support each other in the journey to collect valuable items. Everything that happens in the adventure depends on your conditioning and leadership skills. Perform puzzles to conquer the challenges encountered in each mission.We're Impostors

Quests by level, increasing difficulty

Follow the quest to open each level of We’re Impostors. Each level corresponds to an action-adventure. The mission leads two blue and red rogues to kill the designated crews. From there will pass the challenge to complete a level of play. Continue the journey in the new mission. The challenge will increase with many changing factors. The terrain moves, and the environment takes place in the spaceship. As well as the appearance of dangerous traps will cause more difficulties. Especially the obstacles in the way make the puzzle to move through will be more complicated than before. Make the two impostors face many challenges in the course of the mission.Game We're Impostors

Pros and cons of two fakers

We’re Impostors is not just an ordinary adventure. It’s also a fun and engaging puzzle game. But the process of performing the task takes place at each level. It is necessary to be aware of the abilities of each impostor. Because they will have their own limitations and advantages, it is necessary to learn. The red impersonator is a boy using a knife. Has the ability to be more flexible while on the fire. This is an advantage to easily perform actions when passing through hot environments. But it is necessary to avoid going into puddles. In contrast, the blue girl will have to avoid fire and have an advantage in the water.Tai We're Impostors

Control system

As introduced earlier about the content of We’re Impostors. Revolving around the operation leading two impostors to carry out the actions of killing the crew. To be able to control they will have to use the swap feature. Control the red and blue impostors, in turn, to move and perform murderous actions. Aim to perform the task to overcome the challenge. Besides, they can move left and right based on the two arrow keys shown. Also, use the up arrow to jump when needed. By flexibly combining to suit each surrounding terrain. It is then possible to overcome dangerous pitfalls.

Collect coins and letters

During the adventure in We’re Impostors , you also have to collect gold coins. They appear scattered throughout the travel routes. Try not to miss to be able to accumulate the largest amount possible. At that time, you will own a large amount of money to use in trading activities. However, with the change of terrain after each level. Missing gold coins will happen often. To overcome that, a magnet tool can be used. In a certain amount of time, when moving anywhere in the spaceship. All gold coins within a certain radius will be sucked back. Besides, collect each letter to complete a word. When enough, you will receive valuable rewards.Download We're Impostors

The blue and red impostors are the two main characters in We’re Impostors. Will join the adventure to carry out the quest. Over time, you can discover many new faces of the two impostors. Through skins that are unlocked in appearance. There are also a variety of finely crafted knives. Used to commit murder.

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Name ID We're Impostors: Kill Together
Updated On 12/07/2024
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Great Arcade Games
Size 70MB
New version 1.7.3
MOD Info Unlocked Skins
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Update 12/07/2024 (3 days ago )