World of Airports Mod Hack APK 1.50.5 (Unlimited Money)
World of Airports Mod Hack APK 1.50.5 (Unlimited Money)

World of Airports Mod Hack APK 1.50.5 (Unlimited Money)

By HN - 17/10/2022
Name LMHMOD World of Airports
Requires Android 6.0
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 852MB
Version 1.50.5
Category Simulation
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Price FREE
Update 17/10/2022 (5 months ago )

Come to the game World of Airports Mod to become an air traffic controller. Perform work in many different aspects. Aim to manage the airport and set up flights in the vast sky. This game belongs to the simulation genre, experienced in offline mode. Operational duty to keep the flights running. In order to increase revenue and profit for development. Build your own empire of airport area management. Through it will have the opportunity to explore many different places. From international flights will help you learn about the landscape of different types of airports. At the same time will experience realistic 3D graphics. Recreate a very realistic airport environment. With an intuitive control interface to easily perform actions.

Download World of Airports Mod – Airport Management For Operation And Development

World of Airports Mod is designed according to the airplane theme. But not a pilot, with operational duties. Instead, you will become a manager of the airport. No sky control skills are required. Which will require management experience, aiming to operate the operations in the airport. With a variety of different tasks to perform. From unlocking the aircraft, maintenance after a period of use. Until the construction of the flight route, the landing position at the destination. In addition, employees will have to be hired to do specific jobs in the operating system. Simultaneously manage them, making work more efficient. As time goes on, further development is required. Through upgrading and improvement to help the airport can operate better.World of Airports Mod

Plan and organize flights

With the job of air traffic control in the game World of Airports Mod. It is necessary to ensure that the flights are departing as required. At the same time land safely after flying in the sky. This is not simple at all, because there are many factors that affect the organization of your flight. In the airport, there are many stops, as well as many different departure locations. Divided into runways to accelerate. The destination opens up on the world map, with a series of airports in many countries. At the same time, there are many types of aircraft to choose from in order to depart. Requires you to manage, in order to make a flight plan in a sequence. Starting from the selection of departure runway, arrival time, and destination. From there operate safe flights, and receive bonuses.Tai World of Airports Mod

Fuel supply, maintenance, and cleaning

In addition to controlling work to plan and organize flights. There are many other activities that need to be done. As a manager in the airport of World of Airports Mod. It is necessary to ensure enough fuel for the aircraft to operate. Also, hire qualified staff. Help maintain the aircraft for stable operation in the next journey. Besides, it will have to clean the runways in the airport. Then it will clean the road surface, not slippery. It is possible to increase the speed so that the aircraft departs smoothly and safely. There are many other activities that will be done after joining the game. However, attention should be paid to each activity that takes place. Will have to use the money to make it. From completing tasks, use that profit to maintain and develop.Game World of Airports Mod

Many different types of aircraft

Many different types of aircraft are provided by World of Airports Mod. Divided into many segments, in order from S, M, L, and X. There are some types such as ATR 72, BAE 146, B738, and A340,… There are many other types of aircraft waiting to be discovered. With passenger planes, even jet or supersonic. The difference is depicted through appearance and operation. Each type is represented by the storage capacity. Along with the ability to individually operate according to the indicators. When participating, you will learn about each type of aircraft in detail. Not stopping there, depending on each vehicle will require different amounts of money to unlock. Through the bonus amount of completing the previous tasks. Accumulate over time, unlock in turn, gradually will buy all.Download World of Airports Mod

During playing time at World of Airports Mod. Attention must be paid to weather and environmental conditions. Will change erratically, creating obstacles. With the duties of a controller, the job of regulating and planning flights. It is necessary to pay attention to adjusting flight time, even delays. Because then it will affect the flight. For example, the road surface is slippery and visibility is limited. It is very difficult to depart or even cause serious consequences.

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