World War 2: Battle Combat 4.20 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Fov, Aim bot, No Shock, Bot Stun, Red Heart]

World War 2: Battle Combat 4.20 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Fov, Aim bot, No Shock, Bot Stun, Red Heart]

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World War 2: Battle Combat 4.20 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Fov, Aim bot, No Shock, Bot Stun, Red Heart]

Get ready to participate in shooting wars in World War 2: Battle Combat. The content unfolds during the second world war between the nations. Accordingly, you will become a soldier unit, representing your country to fight. Perform different missions during survival combat with enemy forces. Use equipped guns and support devices to attack. Aim to shoot down and wipe out all enemies to win. Complete a soldier’s assigned mission to receive loot. This game is built with graphics and images in the style of the second world war. The reproduction of the environment and the surrounding landscape is not too sharp. But it brings realism to the process of fighting.

World War 2: Battle Combat MOD APK – World War II Shooting War

Set in the context of the second world war. Open up many different battlefields in locations to perform missions. For example, in the forest, in the tunnels, in the trenches on the coast, and in other places. In each place, the landscape is not the same. Can be easily seen through the surroundings. Along with that, the terrain conditions are designed according to their own style. With obstacles when moving, but can also take advantage of that to hide. Accordingly, you can actively choose the desired location to fight. Or randomly select a map to do the quest. But it is necessary to keep the terrain in mind because that will give a better advantage in the survival shooting process.World War 2- Battle Combat MOD

PvP Online Mode

Do you want to rise to the top? Do you want to compete with your friends and other players? The multiplayer PvP online mode is possible. Here the system allows creating a guild or forming a group. Through connecting with friends and players around the world. Then create a battle room to join the battle with the opposing team. At this point, you and your teammates will have to cooperate with each other. Use equipped weapons, combined with strategy to deploy attacks. Together compete with the opposing team forces on the battlefield. Real-time need to shoot down many times to increase achievement points. The match lasts until the end of time, based on the kill score to determine the winner.Game World War 2- Battle Combat MOD

Separate-themed game modes

World War 2: Battle Combat game also has many other modes for you to explore. Includes death squad battles, the capture of points, dagger-only battles, arms races, bomb placement, and free for all. Each mode unlocks the battle theme in its own way. Expressed through the content and the set of rules that need to be followed. As well as the winning and losing classification rules to be achieved when participating in a mode. But besides that, you need to be aware of your level. Because each game mode will make specific requirements for the level to be achieved. For example, in capture mode, you need to reach level 3. Or reach level 7 to unlock knife-only mode. It is also possible to randomly select a game mode to join the battle.Tai World War 2- Battle Combat MOD

Various types of guns

Possess a diverse collection of weapons with many different types of guns to use in combat. These include Thompson 1921, MP 40, FG-42, Winchester Model 1912, Shotgun,… and many more. The gun systems are all designed from the guns used in the second world war. The difference between them is expressed in style and shape. At the same time, they are evaluated in detail through different indicators. Includes power, damage, rate of fire, range, and total ammo. But to be able to own a new gun will have to pay a fee and meet the level requirements. Each type will require its own level and different amount to buy. Besides guns used to attack from a distance, you can also equip daggers to deal close damage.Download World War 2- Battle Combat MOD

In addition to the guns used as the main weapons in the fight of World War 2: Battle Combat. You can also use many support equipment during the battle. Includes first aid box, grenades, mines, explosives, armor, and walkie-talkie. Each type of device is used for its own activities, giving it a special ability when used. For example, the first aid box will restore the lost blood. Explosives and grenades can be thrown at a limited range to cause an explosion and cause extensive damage. Or the walkie-talkie after use will communicate with the aircraft. Then it is possible to report the designated location for the aircraft to drop bombs from the air.

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Name ID World War 2: Battle Combat
Updated On 08/07/2024
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Edkon Games GmbH
Size 55MB
New version 4.20
MOD Info Menu, Fov, Aim bot, No Jump, Goose Bot, Anti-Stun, Red Heart
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Update 08/07/2024 (1 week ago )