X-Plane Flight Simulator 12.2.4 APK MOD [Unlocked]

X-Plane Flight Simulator 12.2.4 APK MOD [Unlocked]

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X-Plane Flight Simulator 12.2.4 APK MOD [Unlocked]

X-Plane Flight Simulator is not a game of any category. This is a simulator that incorporates 3D graphics. The content takes place in the operation of aircraft operations in the vast sky. Play as a pilot trained in professional flight courses. Your mission goes through scenes designed with realistic environments. Enjoy the feeling of driving from the runway, performing maneuvers to take off, and soaring into the air. Also, land safely after a period of operation in the sky. Successfully stopped the plane at a runway of another airport. From there, complete the task and prove your achievements. Accordingly, the achievement will be expressed through the number of points achieved during the flight.

X-Plane Flight Simulator MOD APK – First Person Flight Simulator

The simulator X-Plane Flight Simulator design complex control system. Not optimized for ease of operation. Instead, it will simulate in detail the control panel system on the plane, which is inspired by reality. With a lot of buttons, knobs, switches, and clocks showing detailed parameters. Examples include altitudes, pressure systems, activity gauges, monitors, and much more. Each feature is detailed to simulate the current operation of the aircraft. To increase the experience during the game. Game developers have incorporated the first-person feature. Gives you the real feeling of enjoying the feeling of driving from the pilot’s position.X-Plane Flight Simulator

The process of flying an airplane

The process of operating the aircraft in the scene areas of X-Plane Flight Simulator. Need to perform 3 main operations, through 3 features displayed as icons. Includes vertical joystick, touch, hold, and swipe up or down. From there, adjust the altitude of the aircraft above the ground. In addition, observe the direction of the arrow ahead. Navigate by touching the two icons showing the left and right corners. Corresponding to the two aircraft wings increased thrust to change direction.

At each plane flying mission. After successful departure start the flight in the sky. The system will display an arrow indicating. You will have to operate the aircraft to be able to proceed to the landing point. By a flexible combination of virtual control keys. Increase and decrease the appropriate altitude, along with navigating in either wing. From there will proceed to the landing point in another scene area.Game X-Plane Flight Simulator

Quests with different conditions

The mission system of the X-Plane Flight Simulator is very diverse. Revolving around many challenges of flying the plane to many different scene areas. Accordingly, each mission allows you to fly a specific plane. Departure and landing missions in a specific scene area. At the same time in the process will have to face a number of different difficulties. Achievements will be judged by the number of points. Each time you overcome a difficulty will increase the accumulated score. Over time, after landing safely will complete the mission. From there will prove your professional skills, as a pilot.

The game has 5 free scene areas for you to experience. Each scene area is re-enacted with vivid landscapes and surroundings. With sharp design thanks to 3D graphics. Provides a realistic perspective when flying the plane through any scene area. Examples include departures from Oahu airport and destinations in Hawaii, from Juneau to Alaska. Or the Grand Canyon, Seattle, Washington, and Innsbruck.Ear X-Plane Flight Simulator

Diverse aircraft system

Owning a diverse aircraft system. They are all simulated extremely realistically by X-Plane Flight Simulator. Shown through the steering system with the control panel of each type is not the same. For example, some aircraft are provided free of charges such as the Cessna 172sp w, and Cirrus Vision SF 50 w. Airbus A320, Boeing B737, Bombardier CRJ200 jet, Douglas DC-3 w,… Much more will be discovered through different missions.Download X-Plane Flight Simulator

To be able to launch an aircraft from the runway in any scene area of ​​X-Plane Flight Simulator. It will take speed, when the conditions are met, to be able to take off. Otherwise, the aircraft will not be able to take off stably and may even lose control. Likewise, the landing will be a lot harder. It is necessary to determine the exact runway and perform a series of maneuvers. Lower the altitude gradually and make sure the aircraft tires continue to land gently on the runway. Do not exert too much force, or an accident will occur.

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