Zombie Combat Simulator 1.5.4 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Free shopping, Huge Amount Of Money ammo, unlocked all, max level]
Zombie Combat Simulator 1.5.4 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Free shopping, Huge Amount Of Money ammo, unlocked all, max level]

Zombie Combat Simulator 1.5.4 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Free shopping, Huge Amount Of Money ammo, unlocked all, max level]

By The Toan - (Period 4 months ago)

Unleash exciting shooting-themed battles. The Zombie Combat Simulator game promises to bring a dramatic time. When participating will enjoy fierce matches. With the mission against the enemies that are attacking fiercely. Here, the game is built on the theme of shooting zombies. With scary zombies trying to take your life. Play as a gunman to join the fight with teammates. Use diverse weapon systems and attack enemy forces. Survive in the face of tough challenges. Also, make the goal of wiping to end the match. Moreover, there will be a chance to enjoy a variety of game modes. With content and gameplay in its own unique style. Revolving around the mission of fighting against zombies.

Description about Zombie Combat Simulator MOD APK – Shooting Battle Against Bloodthirsty Zombies

Come to the sandbox mode of the game Zombie Combat Simulator. You can create a battle formation battle in your own way. Through the selection to create combat units. Decide the weapon to be equipped with, its damage, defense, and health. Accordingly, the system allows changing the rules of the game. Gives you an action shooting experience in your own style. For example, the system appears as enemy units, which are zombies and soldiers. As well as the time in the war and the conditions for victory or defeat. As can be seen, in this mode will be modified rules to create new gameplay. However, in the beginning, you cannot do it alone. So the system will provide a number of options available.Zombie Combat Simulator

Online and offline mode

Besides sandbox mode with the ability to customize rules. Zombie Combat Simulator game also provides an online mode and offline mode. Accordingly, online battles will be joined with all other players. They are shooters from all over the world. Will accompany you in the battle against zombies. Work together according to a strategy for good effect. Aim to wipe out all zombies to win. Besides, the offline mode is also joined by the multiplayer mechanism. But your teammates are shooters controlled by the AI ​​system. Completely free to play for missions. In general, no matter what mode you join, there is a purpose. It is survival and victory over the enemy.Game Zombie Combat Simulator

Open gameplay, free combat, and individual skills

The fighting gameplay of Zombie Combat Simulator is in an open style. Play as a gunman to get ready to enter the battle on the battlefield. Recreated in a gruesome setting, expressed through its surroundings. Can move freely to deploy attack strategy. Aim to fight a large number of bloodthirsty zombies. They will rush at different speeds, aiming to take your life. As well as team members. To be able to prevent, the best way is to destroy. Desire to win and complete the mission. In addition to coordinating with teammates. It also requires personal skills that need to be continuously improved. Observe quickly to detect enemy positions, and use guns to fire accurately. Combine handling dangerous situations, and protect yourself safely.Ear Zombie Combat Simulator

Diverse gun systems to use

From the shooting-style combat content of Zombie Combat Simulator. The weapon system is very diverse, with many different types. It is an indispensable tool in the process of performing the task. If you want to survive against bloodthirsty zombies. Need to equip guns with outstanding attack power. It can be mentioned as a machine gun with the advantage of continuous firing. Can help you deal with crowds of zombies when surrounded by them. Or a laser gun with the ability to deal great damage. Although the firing rate of each trigger will be slower. But it is also very suitable for close-range attacks. There are many other guns that will be unlocked in turn over time. Depends on your playstyle, as well as your strategy. You can choose to use your favorite gun and join the battle.Download Zombie Combat Simulator

Modified MOD information of Zombie Combat Simulator

  • Mod Menu
  • Free shopping
  • Huge Amount Of Money ammo
  • unlocked all
  • unlocked everything
  • max level

Zombie Combat Simulator ‘s third-person shooter. Will face a lot of different enemies. Those are bloodthirsty zombies with their own fighting style. The difference between them is shown in endurance. As well as fast or slow movement speed to get close, to attack. Simultaneously appear in many locations. In large numbers, it will put you and your teammates in danger if it cannot be stopped. For example on city roads. In tall buildings, in dark basements.

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Name ID Zombie Combat Simulator
Updated On 06/02/2024
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Airblade Studio
Size 55MB
New version 1.5.4
MOD Info Menu, Free shopping, Unlimited money ammo, unlocked all, max level
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Update 06/02/2024 (4 months ago )