Zombie Diary 2 Evolution 1.2.5 APK MOD [Buy Weapons, Huge Amount Of Money]
Zombie Diary 2 Evolution 1.2.5 APK MOD [Buy Weapons, Huge Amount Of Money]

Zombie Diary 2 Evolution 1.2.5 APK MOD [Buy Weapons, Huge Amount Of Money]

By The Toan - (Period 2 weeks ago)

Zombie Diary 2 Evolution continues the content from its predecessor. Open a fierce war in the apocalypse context. About the appearance of zombies attacking the city. In order to survive, humans will have to fight with the aim of destroying all enemies. Wipe out the terrifying undead and collect resources. Accordingly, the game content will revolve around the fight against zombies. You are one of the lucky survivors of the doomsday disaster. Shooting missions kill scary zombies. Not only protect yourself but also fulfill the purpose of protecting the city. Complete the mission to save the world from destruction. In this second part, there have been many new improvements, and updated features to bring a more enjoyable experience.

Zombie Diary 2 Evolution MOD APK – Action Shooter Against Zombie Crowds

The battles against zombies in Zombie Diary 2 Evolution are held every day. Set in a large city with many different areas. Each day will open a shooting battle in an area. In the role of a gunman equipped with up to 4 different guns. Along with super devices and summonable robots. Your mission is to destroy all enemies to survive. Based on the rules of the game, after wiping out the enemy will complete the mission. From there will be rewarded with many valuable trading items. On the contrary, if you lose your life in the process of fighting. The mission will fail and must start over.Zombie Diary 2 Evolution

The course of the war

In each battle that takes place every day in Zombie Diary 2 Evolution. Large numbers of zombies will attack violently. They do not stop rushing to take your life. Alone, fighting with weapon systems and super equipment. You will have to wipe out all zombies if you want to survive and win. After completing the mission, the achievement will be shown through different factors. Includes completion time, number of zombies killed, and remaining health. Along with the difficulty of the mission you participate in. From there will receive the corresponding amount of gold and diamonds.

In the process of fighting, it is necessary to pay attention to the limitation of many factors. The amount of health will be gradually reduced after fierce attacks from zombies. If exhausted, it will mean loss of life and mission failure. Besides, depending on the gun has a limited number of bullets. At the same time, the super equipment when summoned can only work for a certain time.Game Zombie Diary 2 Evolution

Many things change when starting a new quest

Every time starting the war on the next day of Zombie Diary 2 Evolution. The battle site will be opened in another area of ​​the city. Along with that will face a greater challenge from zombies. The number of zombies not only increased more than before. But there are also zombies with superior abilities. They attack fiercely and will make you even more dangerous. Since then it is difficult to wipe the whole thing. Even faced the boss in some areas. This can cost you your life.

Lots of types of zombies to face in the apocalypse world. For example prisoners, doctors, rugby players, people, police, and many more. Each type of zombie is created scary. Expressed through appearance and clothes worn on the body. At the same time, the stamina and attack of each zombie are not the same.Ear Zombie Diary 2 Evolution

Use super devices

The process of the war in Zombie Diary 2 Evolution. Various types of super devices can be used. Includes helicopters, drones, and spaceships. Moreover, the giant robot. Each super device has its own special ability. Shown through the weapon system is equipped for a superior attack. At the same time, they are also solid defensive armor. Can defend themselves against fierce attacks from zombies. The difference between the super devices is also reflected in the shape.Download Zombie Diary 2 Evolution

Besides the summonable super equipment in Zombie Diary 2 Evolution. The game also offers a diverse gun system. Includes many different types with futuristic designs. Examples include machine guns, shotguns, laser guns, shotguns, and many more. To be able to explore and learn all the guns. Need to go through many battles and unlock in turn. Accordingly, each type of gun will fire different firepower. At the same time, depending on the type, the number of bullets will be limited.

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Name ID Zombie Diary 2 Evolution
Updated On 07/06/2024
Requires Android 4.1
Publisher Mountain Lion
Size 22MB
New version 1.2.5
MOD Info Buy Weapons, Unlimited Money
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Update 07/06/2024 (2 weeks ago )