32 sec: Traffic Rider 1.15.20 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Energy]

32 sec: Traffic Rider 1.15.20 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Energy]

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32 sec: Traffic Rider 1.15.20 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Energy]

Race in real-time in 32 secs: Traffic Rider. Set in a futuristic world. Open up challenging tracks to compete with many other opponents. At the same time, to avoid traffic, absolutely no collision occurs. Only then can the vehicle continue to move forward. The content of the game revolves around motor racing. Taking place in endless gameplay, you can move with unlimited distance. But need to ensure the time, and try to complete the designated route to receive more. Besides, there is also the opportunity to discover many interesting features for you to experience. Promising to open up future races is extremely attractive.

32 secs: Traffic Rider MOD APK – Motorcycle Racing On The Roads Of The Future World

The game’s setting opens in a futuristic fantasy world. The combination of 3D graphics will recreate the racing environment extremely vividly. Show off on a simulated track on the streets of the futuristic city. Simultaneously designed with a mix of light with different colors. To add vibrancy to the race in the fictional future. The moving effect of the vehicle when moving in the air is reproduced very impressively. Along with that is the combination of an authentic sound system. Simulate the engine sound of a motorcycle when accelerating. Or the sound of a collision after impacting a vehicle and an accident.32 secs- Traffic Rider MOD

The gameplay takes place

Follow the endless gameplay to participate in the race in the futuristic world. Through the third-person view from the rear control your motorcycle. Compete with other opponents throughout the journey. At the same time, you must avoid vehicles traveling on different lanes. Accordingly, the track will be designed in the form of an arc. Occurs on a straight route and is divided into 5 lanes. Turning to avoid a collision, when the impact will cause the collision to turn into an accident. This means that the race will end and achievements will be based on different categories. Includes time, distance and energy with individual parameters.Game 32 secs- Traffic Rider MOD

Real-time race

The race in the game 32 secs: Traffic Rider will be held in real-time. Each race will be divided into many different stages. According to the given real time, it is necessary to complete the route within the specified time. By reaching the finish line to continue to the new stage, at the same time get more race time. The difficulty also increases from there after starting the next stage. With many changing factors to make it difficult for you to control the motorcycle. Shown by longer distances than before, along with faster speeds. At the same time, the number of vehicles on the road increased more and more. Make it difficult for you to control the vehicle to dodge and move forward.Tai 32 secs- Traffic Rider MOD

Attack opponents, dodge traffic

The course takes place race on the road to compete with rivals. You can control the motorcycle to attack the opponent by impacting from behind. Or pinch to cause the opponent to collide with the divider and cause an accident. From there can be defeated to reduce competitors, as well as increase achievement points. But besides that, it is necessary to pay attention to the means of traffic. For example cars, coaches, trucks, and many more. Absolutely do not collide with them, because it will cause the motorcycle you operate to have an accident. This will cause the race to end and there is no chance to correct the mistake. Only a new race can be restarted from the starting point.Download 32 secs- Traffic Rider MOD

Turbo and nitro mileage

On the track in the futuristic fantasy city. There are different ways to increase speed faster to move forward. Accordingly, there are turbo distances appearing along the route. You can drive the car to move through to increase the maximum speed. Or through the use of nitro to enhance performance, helping the car reach maximum speed in a certain period of time. Thereby, it is possible to shorten the distance to the destination to save time.

Game 32 secs: Traffic Rider owns a diverse collection of motorcycles. Includes many different models with unique designs. In particular, they are all modeled after the futuristic style. Each motorcycle is recreated with vivid lighting effects. At the same time brings beautiful operating effects when moving on the track. In addition, the performance of each vehicle is evaluated through technical parameters. Includes power, handling, braking, and construction. To enhance the performance of the motorcycle, money can be used to upgrade.

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Name ID 32 secs: Traffic Rider
Updated On 11/07/2024
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher isTom Games
Size 56MB
New version 1.15.20
MOD Info Unlimited Energy
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