Blade Crafter 4.27 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Gold, Gems]
Blade Crafter 4.27 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Gold, Gems]

Blade Crafter 4.27 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Gold, Gems]

By The Toan - 05/04/2024 (2 weeks ago) - 95MB
Name Blade Crafter
Updated On 05/04/2024
Requires Android 6.0
Publisher Studio Drill
Size 95MB
Version 4.27
MOD Features Unlimited Gold, Gems
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Update 05/04/2024 (2 weeks ago )

Blade Crafter is a role-playing game built into idle gameplay. Here you can experience the game in offline mode. With a lot of interesting things waiting to be discovered. Accordingly, resources will be exploited to make materials. Then use forged weapons of different types. From there used to attack enemies in battles. Based on the mechanism idle action takes place. Weapons will automatically move to attack enemies in the arena. That process just needs to follow until the end of the match. To increase the attractiveness when participating in the game. The developer has built sharp 3D-based graphics. With vivid image quality that reproduces many environments in different locations.

Download Blade Crafter MOD APK – Forge Weapons To Use To Attack Enemies Through Stages

Although it is an offline game provided by Studio Drill publisher. But the game’s graphics are simulated very vividly. Accordingly, you will experience sharp image quality. Recreate combat environments in locations. Along with that are outstanding sound effects with background music playing throughout the playing process. Combines the weapon’s attack-style sound when it hits the enemy. In addition to the open environments, the equipment and weapons are impressively recreated. Thanks to high-quality graphics it reproduces everything in great detail. That will help you feel more excited during the game.Blade Crafter MOD

Collect all kinds of resources

Resource extraction is one of the very important activities to get new weapons. Here you will mine in real-time. Through the lands containing different resources. From there has the opportunity to collect 10 types of rare resources. Includes copper, iron ore, gold, silver, metals and more diamond. There are some other resources to be discovered after joining. Accordingly, each mining can only collect up to 10 resources, corresponding to 10 turns. Through real-time countdown after a certain amount of time, new mining will be received. Besides, you can use support items or equipment to collect more resources.Ear Blade Crafter MOD

Craft a variety of weapons

Use the resources collected in the lands at Blade Crafter. It is possible to create many different types of weapons to use in battles. Accordingly, each weapon will need different types of resources. For example, to forge a dagger requires only 1 copper and 1 iron ore. When creating new weapons with higher attributes, as well as providing superior attack abilities. From there will need a large amount of rare and precious materials.

Here the game provides a diverse collection of weapons with many different types. Typical as daggers, swords, knives and more. Each type of weapon also has many variations with differences in shape and design. The ability of each weapon will be assessed in detail through attributes. You can learn details through the display of each category.Download Blade Crafter MOD

Upgrade equipment

To increase the combat ability of weapons in wars. Gold coins collected after winning in previous matches can be used. Upgrade equipment including magic grinding stone, death ring, judgment necklace, lightning gauntlet, and lucky gold cup. Each type of equipment has its own special stats. For example, magic stones increase attack percentage, lightning gauntlets increase weapon speed, and necklaces increase critical damage rate. Accordingly, you will upgrade the level of each piece of equipment to improve the attribute stats. The amount used will be larger after upgrading the next time.Game Blade Crafter MOD

Perform combat missions in Blade Crafter in stages. The process that takes place will use the weapons you own to attack creatures and monsters. They will automatically hover and attack enemies directly until they wipe them all out. After winning will continue to the next stage. The difficulty also increases from there with new challenges waiting ahead. The number of enemies that appear to destroy is larger than before. Until their abilities are greatly improved. Especially after going through 100 stages will have to face the boss. Possessing more power than normal enemies will make your weapons take a long time to destroy.