Blade&Soul Revolution MOD APK (Unlimited Money)
Blade&Soul Revolution MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Hack Blade&Soul Revolution MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

By HN - 30/05/2023
Name Blade&Soul Revolution
Requires Android 6.0
Publisher Netmarble
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 201MB
Category Role Playing
Get It On APKMOD Google Play
Price FREE
Update 30/05/2023 (3 days ago )

Explore a fantasy world designed in stunning 3D. Blade&Soul Revolution game recreates a fascinating adventure. Revolving around the hero’s journey to learn the mysteries. This is a role-playing game, using attractive MMORPG-style action elements. Promises to bring every player to an extremely vivid context. Along with that are different tasks to perform. Mixed with countless difficult challenges are waiting ahead. Faced with dangers, life can be lost at any time. This will require your survival skills against tough challenges. At the same time will have the opportunity to explore the diverse character system. Meet the NPC characters that appear during the game. As well as learn about many places with beautiful scenery.

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The plot of Blade&Soul Revolution is reproduced very impressively. The publisher uses movies to simulate. More than 150 short films have taken place with vivid graphics quality. According to the information provided, each video will be replayed at one location. At the same time opens a different content, about the interesting story. Accordingly, there will be opportunities to explore many beautiful places. The difference will be shown through the landscape and the environment. The same difficult challenges are waiting ahead. Based on an expansively designed gameplay, and takes place in a fantasy world. The role-playing hero can move unlimited. Uncover unknown mysteries. At the same time free to fight according to your own play style.Blade&Soul Revolution

Explore the world, fight the creatures

Join the Blade&Soul Revolution role-playing adventure. Explore the fantasy world as a hero. Will learn about beautiful places according to the content of each high-quality video. At the same time, there is a chance to fight in the dark dungeon. With the challenge of many different dangers. Make your focus, because if you are careless, you will lose your life at any time. Moreover, the game also opens the portal to space. Where the monsters of hell appear. They led an army in great numbers. Conspiracy to invade, take over the world, and rule everything. There is no better choice but to fight. Only when using power to attack, wipe out the enemy before the rift in space. Only then can you complete the mission and protect the world.Game Blade&Soul Revolution

Current update

Blade&Soul Revolution game is constantly updating new versions. With many attractive elements added. To increase the experience to improve everyone’s gameplay. When you join, you will discover many interesting features. In the current version, the game has added a new character. It’s the hero Zen Archer with ranged attack ability. Use a bow to shoot arrows. Can kill enemies before they get close. Along with that, opens up new content around the matches. Follow the gameplay from 1vs1 to 10vs10, with many challenges waiting. The hero will have to show strength to confront the enemy. Or compete with rivals in the arena. The goal is to beat the whole thing and win. From there collect valuable loot.Tai Blade&Soul Revolution

The heroes

In addition to the new character, Zen Archer is updated by Blade&Soul Revolution. Before that, the game also had 4 different heroes. They are all warriors, possessing their own superior attack style. At the same time divided into 3 main types of power. Includes attack, defense, and support. For example, the character Jin belongs to the descendant of the sun. Possessing intelligence with durable combat advantages. Can defend impressively against the onslaught of enemies. The heroine Yun belongs to the lineage of mythical birds. With outstanding combat ability, can especially support teammates. The character Lyn is a hero of the Kirin descendant. Possess a party-style attack. Has sharp senses, and physical strength than other races. Finally, Gon carries the blood of the Dragon. With bravery and strength, can attack and defend superior.Download Blade&Soul Revolution

Through meeting NPC characters in Blade&Soul Revolution. From there accept the task to perform. They stand in many different positions, in large locations. Meet and chat to get quests. Then start the adventure to uncover the mystery. That process will have to fight the straw men sealed by the shelter. Fight with terrifying creatures from hell. Sometimes will have to show strength in the fight with the boss. Combine skills flexibly for superior attacks. Defeat the boss and win to get attractive rewards.

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