Boba Recipe 0.20 APK MOD [Get bonus without ads]
Boba Recipe 0.20 APK MOD [Get bonus without ads]

Boba Recipe 0.20 APK MOD [Get bonus without ads]

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Boba Recipe is an exciting and addictive game. It is designed for food lovers, especially those who enjoy bubble tea. In the game, players take on the role of a talented chef and embark on a journey to explore and showcase their skills in making bubble tea. Boba Recipe offers players a fantastic and creative experience in preparing and decorating bubble tea. Every action depends on the player’s abilities and creativity. Additionally, players have the opportunity to discover unique and appealing recipes. You can also upgrade your shop and equip advanced cooking tools to improve work efficiency. Boba Recipe is not just an entertaining game; it is also a chance for players to express their passion for cuisine and experience the life of a professional chef. Join MODLMH and create delicious bubble tea cups in Boba Recipe!

Boba Recipe MOD APK – Become a beverage shop owner

In the game Boba Recipe, you will have the opportunity to become a valid beverage shop owner. You will manage and operate your unique beverage shop in this role. At the shop, you can customize everything from A to Z. From choosing the design style and decorations to naming the shop and creating a logo. You can create an exciting and unique space to attract customers to come and enjoy drinks and experience the cozy atmosphere at your shop. You must take care of and satisfy customers by serving delicious, high-quality beverages. At the same time, you also need to manage the shop’s revenue and profit. From there, you can develop the shop and expand the business. Show your talent and knowledge to build a prosperous beverage shop in the unique and exciting world of Boba Recipe.

Many recipes

You will discover and experience countless diverse and creative beverage recipes. They will create unique and delicious boba tea cups from essential recipes like traditional milk tea and matcha milk tea to more complex ones like mint milk tea and fruit milk tea. You can choose and combine different ingredients to create new and unique flavors. Besides boba tea, the game offers various other types of beverages—for example, fruit, smoothies, coffee, freshly squeezed juices, and more. You can experiment and customize these recipes to create new types of drinks. This enhances your ability to serve the diverse needs of customers. Feel free to be creative and showcase your passion for mixology in the game Boba Recipe. You can become an actual creator in the culinary field and turn your boba tea into an actual work of art.

Diverse material system

The diverse ingredient system is essential in helping you create unique and abundant boba tea cups. The game provides you with a variety of different ingredients to choose from. From various tea and beans to fresh milk, sugar, natural flavors, and fruits. You can freely combine and create different components to generate unique flavors that cater to customers’ preferences. Additionally, the game allows you to upgrade and unlock new ingredients as you progress. These new ingredients enhance the efficiency of your mixology skills, making your drinks more enticing and appealing to a wide range of customers. Get ready to explore and craft unique flavors in the game Boba Recipe!

Realistic physics

The game utilizes advanced technology. The ingredients and components used in beverage preparation are realistically simulated. When you mix the ingredients, they interact according to the laws of physics. As a result, you will witness a natural and authentic brewing process. For example, when you combine tea and sugar syrup, you will see the syrup dissolve and blend with the tea, creating a delicious flavor. Additionally, toppings like boba pearls and other ingredients will fall into the cup, creating visually appealing effects. It feels as if you are preparing a drink in real life.

Boba Recipe is an excellent game for those who love business management and beverage mixing. The diversity in gameplay, beautiful graphics, and lively music bring moments of relaxation and exciting creativity. The game will satisfy even the most demanding players. Build a prestigious beverage brand with your name in this game. Let’s immediately explore the new things in the boba world of Boba Recipe!

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Name ID Boba Recipe
Updated On 07/06/2024
Requires Android 7.0
Publisher HIGAME Global
Size 46MB
New version 0.20
MOD Info Get bonus without ads
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