Buddy Toss 1.5.9 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of stars]
Buddy Toss 1.5.9 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of stars]

Buddy Toss 1.5.9 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of stars]

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Buddy Toss is a fun and super addictive action game. It is designed with simple gameplay and images, so anyone can easily approach it from the first time. Join the game, you will learn how to become the strongest weightlifter. But instead of pushing weights, you’ll be pushing to get as high as possible. And to do that, you just need to click on the screen at the right time. A perfect click will have your athlete tossing and juggling. Do not miss even a second if you do not want your character to fall from a height of thousands of meters. Furthermore, don’t be any slower or faster than any second to launch him into the sky.

Buddy Toss MOD APK – Fast-paced tossing and juggling gameplay

This game is built on the traditional juggling mechanism. It means you will bounce something high and continue to catch it to bounce again. In the game, that object here is a person but more specifically a guy who is afraid of heights. You will help him overcome his fear by sending him out into space. No spaceship is needed for a space adventure. Because you’ve got a weightlifting guy with a solid body and strong muscles. Your job is to help this weightlifter conquer unlimited heights. With high achievements, you can climb to the top of the online leaderboards.


Just tap to toss and juggle

Everything is so simple that you don’t need any instructions to start playing. The game is designed to take place on the phone’s vertical screen. In the middle of the screen, a weightlifter was waiting. Beside him is a petite guy waiting to explore the high-altitude environment. Just click on the screen to immediately start an endless juggling. Specifically, you will click when your character just touches the hand of the weightlifter. With a perfect click, you will create enough thrust to launch the character high. Then, as soon as he falls, catch him and do the next toss. Just like that, he will fly higher and higher to explore everything in the sky.

Limits will be broken after each juggling turn. In the beginning, you can reach heights of several hundred meters. But if you have perfect touches, you can completely break previous records. Your character will fly over tall buildings, into the clouds, and even out into space. There you will see a series of beautiful planets and stars. Try to toss higher to discover more new things. And you will become a space traveler without any modern spacecraft.


Unlock and upgrade characters

Do you want to fly even higher in Buddy Toss ? If yes, you need to upgrade your character. You can unlock a new higher-level weightlifting guy. Besides, use the number of stars obtained after each turn to upgrade important stats. There are two stats that need to be upgraded, namely Power and Size. Power refers to juggling force, and Size refers to the athlete’s muscle size. Both of these metrics are equally important. You need to upgrade them all to improve your juggling achievements. No record is unbreakable if you have a super weightlifting guy.

Besides strength, you should also care about the character’s appearance. How do you like a weightlifting guy? Unlock skins to customize him. You can find unique and funny skins like superman, chimpanzee, warrior, and more. Skins do not affect the athlete’s stats. But of course, they will make you happier when you see the new look. In addition to new skins, the game context also changes dynamically with altitude. If you want to explore new scenery, try to juggle skillfully to fly higher.


Funny and colorful pictures

The game not only possesses fun gameplay, but it also has a super fun design. Everything is depicted on a colorful 2D background, providing a bright and relaxing experience space. You will see a modern city with tall buildings. But you can juggle to fly higher than those buildings. Also, if you fly even higher, you will reach the sky and the universe. The outer space scene looks quite vivid. The music is light and cheerful. So this game is quite suitable for entertainment anywhere and anytime.

Modified MOD information of Buddy Toss

  • MOD Menu
  • Huge Amount Of Money
  • Huge Amount Of Stars
  • Huge Amount Of Everything

If you like the fun action style like Buddy Toss, don’t hesitate to download it right away to your phone. Then open up the game and see how many records of the top players you will break. Just tap to juggle, soar and explore the sky. But are you alert and agile enough to touch at the right time? It’s not as easy as you think.

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Updated On 20/06/2024
Requires Android 4.4
Size 56MB
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New version 1.5.9
MOD Info Unlimited stars
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