Car Driver Russian Racing 1.15 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Full Money]

Car Driver Russian Racing 1.15 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Full Money]

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Car Driver Russian Racing 1.15 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Full Money]

Car Driver Russian Racing opens fast car races. This is a game published by GameDevPlus. The content revolves around the races on the roads in Russia. Accordingly, you will play the role of a racer to challenge your skills. Drive vehicles to participate in dramatic races. Drive through the dangerous roads, and conquer the winding terrain. Simultaneously compete with other racers to find the winner. To increase the authenticity of all players when participating. The publisher has combined it with realistic physics. Expressed through the movement of the vehicle when moving on the road. Gives you the feeling of becoming a real racer.

Car Driver Russian Racing MOD APK – Driving Vehicles Participating in Speed ​​Races

Drive your vehicle to participate in over 100 races across multiple maps. Each race takes place on a track designed for winding terrain. At the same time compete with other competitors, which are race cars controlled automatically by AI. The third-person view from the rear provides an overall view. You will compete with other competitors, aiming for the finish line in the shortest time. Show achievements based on the top ranking to win. From there will receive a bonus corresponding to the achievement achieved to accumulate. At the same time complete the task in a race and continue to the new stage.Car Driver Russian Racing MOD

Race in 4 themes

The car races in the game are held under 4 different themes. Includes circuit racing, checkpoints, sprints, and Deadmatch. Each owner takes place in different races. Given specific requirements and conditions by the system, you need to follow the rules in each topic.

  • Circle Race: Compete with other competitors on a track that requires a specific number of laps. The goal is to complete enough laps and reach the finish line with the lead to win.
  • Checkpoint: Drive vehicles on the road alone and perform skills. Accumulate the required checkpoints to complete the race.
  • Sprint: The race takes place in limited real-time. You need to drive constantly at increasing speed to move forward. Go through the stages with the goal of completing the race before the time runs out.
  • Deadmatch: Destructive races between racers. Accordingly, the drivers will control the vehicle to collide directly with each other to cause damage. The goal is to destroy them all to become the champion.

Game Car Driver Russian Racing MOD

The gameplay takes place

The process of car races in MODLMH‘s Car Driver Russian Racing game. You will have to move on a fixed route. But besides that, there will be many other roads and turns. To determine the direction, it is necessary to combine observing the signs on the road. Along with the display of a mini map to track the route, as well as determine the direction ahead. From there, you can prepare for the next situation to control the vehicle more stably.Tai Car Driver Russian Racing MOD

Race locations

The game simulates the racing tracks in Russia. Accordingly opened in many different locations. For example in the racecourse next to the factory, on the roads along the mountains, in the city center. In the dirt arena, on the asphalt road, and in the forest. There are a number of other races that will be opened after participating. Each track is simulated in a different environment. That difference is reflected in the surrounding landscape and weather conditions.

Diverse vehicle system

Currently the game has 10 different racing cars. Includes Taber 11K, Semen M2106, Vosmen M2108, Priorik Supa,… and many more. They are all Russian-made models. The difference between racing cars is shown in style, size and paint color. Here, when starting out, the system will provide a free car. Later you will have to use the money to buy in the store. Depending on the model will require different amounts. For example, cars with superior performance will require a larger amount of money.Download Car Driver Russian Racing MOD

The performance of each racing car in the Car Driver Russian Racing game is shown through 4 specifications. Includes top speed, steering, braking, and Life. Each parameter is related to the vehicle’s performance on the road. For example, the maximum speed reflects the speed achieved by the vehicle, expressed in km/h. Besides, own a racing car that you love. Then you can use the money earned to upgrade the parameters. But it should be noted, after each upgrade will need a larger amount of money to perform.

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Name ID Car Driver Russian Racing
Updated On 06/07/2024
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher GameDevPlus
Size 94MB
New version 1.15
MOD Info Unlimited Full Money
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