Crazy Desert APK MOD [No Ads, Free Rewards]
Crazy Desert APK MOD [No Ads, Free Rewards]

Crazy Desert APK MOD [No Ads, Free Rewards]

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Follow the role-playing gameplay that combines survival elements that take place in MODLMH‘s Crazy Desert. Unleash an adventure set in the apocalyptic world. Follow the story of the game to carry out the survival mission. You will become a commander to lead a group of people to fight against dangerous enemies. Also, explore new abandoned lands. Build structures and shelters, and gather resources to craft items. The goal is to build a whole new world after the doomsday disaster. The turn-based gameplay takes place in dramatic matches. Along with that is a combination of card-style graphics. Promising to open up fascinating battles in the adventure in the post-apocalyptic world.

Crazy Desert MOD APK – Commander of the Adventurer’s Group Through the Lands of the Post-Apocalyptic World

The setting unfolds in an apocalyptic fantasy world. On a day in the future, a flare of the sun sent sparks flying into space. Affected by a huge fire from the Sun, the Earth burned. From that end a beautiful world, is the beginning of the apocalypse. Entire buildings and human civilization were destroyed. The weather is erratic with acid rain. At the same time, the Earth’s ecosystem was completely burned. Since then created unprecedented chaos in human history. But not stopping there, the survivors and especially the US military forces. Launched hundreds of rockets to different locations around the world.Download Crazy Desert MOD

Fight with turn-based enemies

In a world of uncontrollable chaos. Force is the key to resolving difficulties and disputes. Accordingly, you will recruit units to assemble a group of up to 4 people. Lead them on a journey of survival in the post-apocalyptic world. Thereby will have to face a lot of dangerous enemies, thugs, and gangs. Go on an adventure to the wastelands in other locations. The challenge will increase when facing more dangerous enemies than before. Their abilities are also improved with superior combat power.

Through turn-based battles played out between your team and enemy forces. One by one, they will use their weapons to attack the enemy side. The match lasts until one of the two factions is completely annihilated. To be able to win against the enemy, it is necessary to destroy them all.Tai Crazy Desert MOD

Build shelter

In addition to the survival battles in Crazy Desert. It remains to build a shelter in the post-apocalyptic world. Through the collection of resources to proceed with the construction of works. Also evolves over time to create a safe haven. Accordingly, the built shelter can conduct the recruitment of mercenary units or survivors. It is also possible to train them to improve their combat ability. Then assign missions in many other areas.Crazy Desert MOD

The gameplay takes place

The process of survival adventure in the chaotic world. The group of people led by you will travel in a car. Travel through desolate lands in various locations. Through it will randomly encounter dangerous enemies interfere. To be able to continue the journey will have no choice but to fight. Use the equipped weapon, turn-based attack in the match, and win. From there it is possible to continue the adventure, driving the vehicle to new places.

Many characters to recruit

There are many different characters for you to recruit in your journey. They are the lucky ones who survived the disaster. With character classes like sniper, mercenary, doctor,… and more. Each character is shaped in its own style. The difference can be seen through facial appearance, style, hair, clothes, gender, and body shape. Accordingly, each character can use different combat weapons to attack. Their ability is also assessed through indicators. From health to defense and attack.Game Crazy Desert MOD

Fight through battles in this adventure in the post-apocalyptic world of Crazy Desert. Your team will have to fight many different enemies. They are all equipped with modern and advanced weapons. More when facing enemies in new locations. Their abilities will be improved with superior combat power. Especially when it comes to a certain stage, you will have to face a fierce attack from the boss. Make the group of people you lead hard to defeat.

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Name ID Crazy Desert
Updated On 11/06/2024
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher 10k Riders
Size 281MB
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MOD Info No Ads, Free Rewards
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